MulanSearch Results
You've taken the challenge, now let's look at how awesome you did, lol. I admit, I made this an extremely hard contest =) Here are the answers and [gasp!] a clearer photo! The answers go from the upper left of the photo to the right and down the next level, can you find them now? Congratulations to all contestants!

  • Mulan Logo Cutout
  • Mulan Matchmaker cutout
  • Mulan Parasol Cutout
  • Mulan Secret Message Doll
  • Grandmother Fa Figure
  • Mushu McDonald Toy
  • Mulan Figure
  • Shang McDonald Toy
  • Tiny Sitting Mulan Figurine
  • Little Brother McDonald Toy
  • Mushu Sticker Sheet
  • Hearts of Honor: Mulan/Shang Doll
  • Imperial Beauty Mulan Doll
  • Mulan Snowglobe
  • Little Brother Beanie
  • Mushu Beanie
  • Khan Figure
  • Mulan Warrior McDonald Toy
  • Mulan Music Box
  • Mulan Pin inside box

  • The real challenge of this search was getting a positive score, heehee =) but we have a winner! 5 out of a possible 20 points, SupaMulan Honor and Glory goes to:

    Geisha Girl -- Congratulations!