Fa Mulan: The Untold Story
written by Linasia
[In the Fa garden, Mulan graciously accepts the helmet and shyly asks Shang...]

Mulan: Would you like to stay for dinner?
Grandmother Fa: [hollars] Would you like to stay forever?
Shang: Dinner would be great! [smiles]
Mulan: Great--that is...I can't wait! [smiles]
Shang: So? Mulan [looks around] should I? J-jjoin you later--for dinner?
Mulan: Yes--no! I mean...no, of course you can... [Mulan spots something in the distance] Mushu!
Shang: Mushu?
Mulan: No, I mean...actually--Grandma, mama...could you show Captain Li Shang around while I um...get ready for dinner? [gives them the look]
Grandmother Fa: Oh yes dear! Come along Captain! [Grandmother Fa whispers to Mulan] Take your time sweetie!
Shang: [to Mulan] I guess I will see you laterrr--Whoa! [Shang gets dragged off by Grandmother Fa]
Mulan: [hollars after Shang] You can sweat on it Shang! ...did I say sweat...I mean......[Shang disappears down the path and Mulan says to herself...] Phew! "You can sweat on it Shang?!" I might as well drool while I'm at it...[Mulan sighs and heads to the family temple spotting Mushu, Mulan smiles] Thanks Mushu...[Mulan kisses Mushu on the forehead, just then, Little Brother runs into the temple, followed by dozens of chickens]
Great Ancestor: Mushu!
Mushu: Oh oh...time to upity my rank as Guardian, lovin' it, lovin' it! Owe it all to you! [Mushu hugs Mulan] This is just sooo [sniffles] tear wrenching and heart--
Great Ancestor: Mushu!
Mushu: Oh awe...geez, way to spoil a touching moment! Listen Mulan, the big man upstairs is calling me, gotta go, but listen to teacher, now play good, no more running off and getting all manly on me...okie dokie?
Mulan: Mushu [sly grin] now would I do that?
Mushu: I was afraid of that!
Great Ancestor: MuuuuSHU!
Mushu: POOF! [Mushu disapears]

[Little Brother runs down to Mulan, jumping and knocking her onto the grass and licks her playfully]

Mulan: Heehee...down boy...heehee...Oh Little Brother, how I missed you....
Little Brother: [Tail wagging] arrf...arrf!
Mulan: Whose the smartest doggie in the world! [Mulan picks up Little Brother] Yes you are, yes you are! [smiles]

[Little Brother spots a straying chicken and chases after it, Mulan watches after him...while Fa Zhou walks up to the temple.]

Fa Zhou: Mulan....
Mulan: Father! [Surprised, Mulan hugs Fa Zhou]
Fa Zhou: Mulan, I am really glad to have you back home where you belong.
Mulan: Father...the only reason I went away was so that I could come back home...to you.
Fa Zhou: Mulan...I want you to promise me...promise me you will never endanger your life ever again, I need to know my daughter will always be here where it is safe.
Mulan: I will always be here baba. [Fa Zhou returns a hug]
Fa Zhou: [smiles] So, tell me about this captain you brought home.
Mulan: [Mulan blushes] Now Father...I did not...
Fa Zhou: Captain Li Shang is a fine young man and I can see how you two have grown on each other...
Mulan: But Father, Captain Li Shang, well..he...he just found out I am a girl and I don't think...[Mulan closes her eyes]
Fa Li: [enters] I think Captain Li Shang feels differently...
Mulan: Ma! [smiles and hugs her mother]
Fa Li: Your father and I are very proud of you Mulan, but you musn't ever again, under any....
Fa Zhou: [Fa Zhou smiles and takes his wife aside] Mulan is a grown woman now... [Fa Zhou leads his wife down the path]
Mulan: But wait...where are you go--I just got [Mulan spots Shang] here...oh Shang! I didn't know you were here [surprised smile]
Shang: Oh...Mulan, I didn't mean to interrupt...
Mulan: Looks like you scared off my parents [smiles]
Shang: I just...I mean...uh...you look good
Mulan: Oh, why thank you, I...it's the same [smiles] nevermind...

[There is an awkward moment of silence....very quiet]

Shang: [cough...cough] Uh...your grandmother, she...she showed me around quite a bit.
Mulan: Did she? [smiles]
Shang: Yes...[smiles] I...I think it's safe to say I've been to your room 17 times around---only if that's okay?
Mulan: My room?! Oh...I mean...my room? I haven't been...did it...was it...?
Shang: I didn't see anything you didn't want me to see if that's what you mean [smiles]
Mulan: Oh that's...fine.
Shang: I am a bit early for dinner?
Mulan: Oh...no, [smiles] you are perfect--ly....perfectly on time.
Shang: Hmm...then shall we?
Grandmother Fa: [Grandmother Fa walks in] Not just yet, you kids run along...take a nice walk, how about a stroll in the garden? Grandmother Fa will be cooking up a storm, so don't you go peeping up on an old lady. I will send Little Brother when dinner is ready...[Grandmother Fa whispers to Mulan] That's my girl!

[Grandmother Fa leaves with a chuckle]

Mulan: That's my Grandma [smiles] would you like to take a walk?
Shang: Yes, a walk would be great!

[They walk down to the garden, each catching a longing glimpse at the other while the other wasn't looking, not saying a word. They pass through the beautiful blossom trees and finally stop along the beautiful lake guarded by the Stone Dragon. Mulan looks at her reflection in the water, seeing herself with Shang together, she gives a silent smile, Shang notices the reflection too and he also smiles. They look up at each other, both a little embarrased. Another moment of silence passes.]

Mulan: The water is so calm and beautiful today.
Shang: It's lovely [Shang stares at Mulan's reflection]

[All is silent again]

Shang: Mulan? I...I never actually thanked you for saving my life...
Mulan: You did...well, sort of...I...I never apologized for pretending...
Shang: No Mulan, you don't have to...I should have known...
Mulan: but you didn't...
Shang: but if I did...you would never have been able to...[Shang gives a far off look]
Mulan: Shang...
Shang: You wouldn't have been able to join the army--protect your father if I had known...[pained expression] I wish...I could have done the same...protect my father.
Mulan: [Mulan places her hand gently on Shang's shoulder] I'm sorry...
Shang: [tries to smile] Thanks for saving my life Mulan.
Mulan: After the avalanche or before Shan-Yu tried to... [smiles]
Shang: Both... [bigger smile]
Mulan: I'm glad to do it captain [smiles]
Shang: That makes--

[Just then, Little Brother tears down the path, jumps on top of Shang and licks him]

Little Brother: Arrf...arrf...
Shang: Whoa...haha...
Mulan: I think Little Brother likes you...come here boy...
Shang: Fiesty little guy isn't he? [wipes off drool]
Mulan: Just a little excited aren't you boy! [Mulan is about to pick up Little Brother, but trips and falls...]
Fa Li: [enters] Dinners ready.
Shang: Shall we? [Shang lends a hand to Mulan and helps her up]
Mulan: Yes, let's. [smiles]

[Mulan takes Shang's hand, they start to walk up to the Fa home, neither one letting go of the other's hand, Little Brother excitedly tags along, Fa Li looks on, her face glowing with admiration for her daughter. None aware of the evil brewing in the Imperial Palace....]

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