Mulan Fic: What Happened Later
written by Jessica
Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three
Chapter One

Mulan received the helmet and asked, "Would you like to stay for dinner?" "Would you like to stay forever?" added the cheeky Granny Fa. "Dinner would be great." Shang replied, embarrassed. Forever would be even better, he thought. During dinner, it was hell. Fa Li and Granny Fa showered Shang with questions too embarrassing to answer. He was so depressed. Fa Zhou and Mulan watched on helplessly. Suddenly, Granny Fa popped up the big one, "Captain Li, do you like Mulan?" It was so straightforward Shang blushed like a red cherry. Mulan could not bear with it and shut Granny Fa up, profusely explaining that Shang and her are just friends. (or not )

After dinner, Mulan and Shang went for a stroll in the garden. They settled down on the bench under the blossoms.

Mulan caught sight of a plum blossom and started plucking out the petals. "He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not...." she mumbled under her breath. Shang looked on as she plucked the last petal and said, "He loves me not." Mulan looked rather disappointed. She split the petal into two and smiled at the remaining half petal in satisfaction. "Who loves you not?" asked Shang, confused. Mulan quickly threw the petal on the ground, grinned sheepishly, and said, "Erm.... nothing." Shang nodded and looked around.

He cleared his throat, "Ahem. Mulan, I er... I..." "Yes?" Mulan looked on, as attentive as ever. "I... have to be home by sunset. And I... just want to ask if you come over to my house tomorrow." "Tomorrow?" Mulan asked, her heart beaming. "Of course I can! My parents and Granny won't be home tomorrow. So I'll be alone." "Great! Then can you come over tomorrow evening for dinner?" "Sure! My pleasure." Mulan exclaimed excitedly. She saw Shang to the door and they finally bade goodbye.

Chapter Two

Granny Fa patted her on the shoulder. "Whoa!" shouted Mulan. She turned around to see her grandmother smiling at her. "Is everything ok?" She asked. "What's ok?" Mulan pretended not to know. She smiled shyly at Granny Fa and asked, "What do you think of him?" "A charming man indeed. You have taste!" Mulan leaned against the pillar and sighed dreamily. Then she reluctantly went to bed.

The next morning, Mulan accompanied her mother and granny to the market. There, she met her best friend Wen. "Hey, Mulan! It's great to see you! Your hair! It's so..." Short. I know." said Mulan. "But at least it's cooler. So, how are you?"

"Well, I'm going to a matchmaking session later on at dinner time." "Oh. Good luck then." said Mulan. The word matchmaking reminds her of the incident that happened a few months ago, how she had offended the matchmaker. The two of them chatted for a while then bade goodbye. Mulan was totally unaware that the man Wen will be meeting at the session is Shang!

That very afternoon, Shang's mother broke the news to him. "You'll meet Wen later. She'll be having dinner here." "Meaning...." "That we will be holding a matchmaking session later on. Don't worry, Wen is a nice girl. She'll make a good wife." Shang's mother continued. Shang protested, "But ma, I've invited a friend over for dinner. She's on her way." "Then tell her to join us then. She can go home straight after dinner. You've got more important things to do than to mingle with her. Who's that friend of yours by the way?" she asked. "It's Fa Mulan. The girl who saved China." Shang replied. His mother was rather shocked by his answer. She had deeply respected Mulan as a girl of her own principles. "In that case, she can stay a while longer before we hold the session. I would like to get to know her." "Shang was delighted! He still had a chance to explain his feelings for Mulan to her before it's too late. Indeed it already was when Mulan and Wen met at the door.

"Hey, Wen. What are you doing here?" asked Mulan. "What do mean what I'm doing here? What are you doing here?" asked Wen. I came here for dinner." replied Mulan. "Well, I came here for the matchmaking session I told you earlier. You know this man?" Mulan was shocked but nodded her head. The thought of Shang being the only son of General Li gave her no other possibilities. My best friend will be marrying the man I love!

Shang's mother heard someone talking at the door thinking that the guests have arrived. She went to answer it. There stood Wen and her mother looking as excited as ever, and Mulan with a direct opposite expression on her face. "My dear ladies! You look wonderful tonight! Come in please." said Shang's mother. Shang raised his head and smiled at Mulan. She smiled back. During dinner, Mulan kept very quiet and sober. She felt as though she could burst into tears right away. That horrible truth she found too hard to believe made her lose her apetite. But still, she forced the food into her mouth. There was no other way out. Seeing Mulan so disappointed made it obvious that she liked Shang too. He too grew a little sad. While Shang and Wen's mothers were yakking away and Wen profusely nodding at the compliments she received, Mulan couldn't have felt worse. She put her bowl and chopsticks down and excused herself for some time to be alone. Shang saw her leave, so he followed while the other two mothers kept yakking.

Chapter Three

Mulan went into the Li garden's bridge and a tear rolled down her cheek. She found herself hopeless. Shang found Mulan and went up to her. When they saw each other, Mulan began crying even harder. She turned away from Shang and quickly wiped off her tears. "What's wrong Mulan?" Shang asked. "Why did you just leave like that?" Mulan turned back and shook her head. "I don't know if I should tell you." said Mulan, feeling confused and scared. "That girl at the table...Wen... she's my best friend. And I..." she hesitated. "I actually... li-liked you too. This is stupid, I know. But I couldn't help it, so I just cried. I'm awfully sorry." and with that, she continued crying. This time, the hardest of all. "Shang felt sad and happy at the same time. Knowing that Mulan likes him too made him less nervous to confess." "Don't cry now." He leaned closer to Mulan so that she could rest her head on his chest. She clutched his arm tightly. Shang said, "I'll go tell my mother then." Mulan look surprised. She freed herself from his embrace and asked, "Tell her what? You want to cancel the session?" Shang nodded his head and replied, " I like you too Mulan." Her heart beamed with joy. She would never want to hear anything else. Shang leaned closer to her and gently kissed her. She tore away and gasped for air. The both of them giggled. Just then, Shang's mother came out. She shouted, "Shang, we're all waiting for you." She had cleaned forgotten about Mulan's presence.

He reluctantly went in with Mulan. "Ma," he said, "I've found the woman I love." "What's that suppose to mean?" his mother asked. "You don't want this session to continue?" he nodded his head. Wen and her mother looked shocked. "Well, Wen. I apologise for what happened tonight. I'll pay you a visit tomorrow and we'll talk about it." "That's fine with me." replied Wen. And they made their way out of the Li house. Shang and Mulan settled down in front of his mother, who was looking cross for her son had ruined the whole session. "So, who is this woman you found?" her mother asked. Shang put his arm around Mulan's shoulder and looked at her. His mother looked pleased. "Is it true? My son likes a national heroin? Well, then I guess this is not an option to cancel the session with Wen." Shang and Mulan smiled. I'm sure such a great friend like Wen will be happy for me, thought Mulan. Discussions with the Fa family were like a breeze. It was certain that Mulan and Shang were a match made in heaven.

The End

So, whatdya think? Please e-mail me if you have any comments at all. I'll greatly appreciate them. Thanks to Linasia too for giving me so much support in making it possible for me to bring my very own imagination to you people out there. So be grateful! Thanks a bunch. --- Jessica

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