Determination: A Mulan Poem
Written by Anita


	a new beginning

		a chance to start all over again

Unless you can't forget the past

	tearing at your heart

		your mind

Alone, I face a society

	who doesn't know me

		doesn't accept me

			hates me

No one understands

	no one will ever understand

Can't you hear me



		for anyone, anywhere

Suffocating in a family, a world

	who doesn't believe

I will make them believe.

Defying everyone I've met

	everything I've learned	

		everything I've ever known

Even if it costs me my life.

Love is the power behind it

	courage is the power that inspires it

		honor is the power that keeps it alive

Only the dawn acknowledges me as I 

	start down a treacherous path

		that no one has gone down before

I will be the first.

Nothing can stop me.

* If you wanna see something neat: Take the left-aligned capital letters (minus the title) and unscramble them (hint: 2 words, track #8!)
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