Mulan The Sequel
Written by Becky B
Part One

Author's note:
This is my first fanfiction and I would love for you to tell me what you think. This is just part one. Part two is on it's way. This is a romance between Mulan and Shang well at least that's the way it starts out. I do not own Mulan, Shang ... , etc., but I do own Wong, Yin and Yane so if any one would like to use them please tell me and I'll be happy to loan them to you.

Chapter 1 The Question.

"Would you like to stay for dinner?" Mulan asked sensing Shang's nervousness.
"Would you like to stay for ever?" came Granny Fa's voice. Mulan just shook her head.
"Dinner would be great," Shang said. *Though for ever would be nice too.* he thought to himself.
"Excuse me," Mulan said after introducing Shang to her family. She walked over to the Fa family shrine and sat down on the stone steps next to Mushu.
"Thanks Mushu!" She said as she kissed him on the head. Suddenly Little Brother ran into the shrine followed by a herd of chickens.
"MUSHU!!!!!!" came a voice from inside the shrine.
"What was that?" Mulan asked peering into the shrine.
"Um... Nothing....I'll explain later," Mushu said trying to get Mulan to leave. "You should go and talk to you guest"
" Ok," she said a little unsure of herself. She walked back over to her family.
"Mulan, go put Shang's horse in the stable!" Fa Zhou commanded with a childish grin. Mulan nodded obediently as she went over to Shang's horse.
"Little Brother!" Mulan kept calling.
*Oh no! Another family member! * Shang thought to himself. He was shocked to see not a little boy but an energetic dog running toward them.
"There you are!" Mulan yelled as she scooped him up. "Who's the smartest doggy in the world?!" Mulan said in baby talk. She handed him over to Shang.
"Awww he likes you!" She said to Shang. Little Brother kept lapping Shang's face. Mulan and Shang both laughed.
During dinner Mulan broke a cup and tea pot when she tripped over Little Brother. Everyone just laughed and shook their heads grateful for Mulan to be back home with them.
Granny Fa almost lost it when Mulan poured tea for herself first and forgot about Shang. Mulan simply switched her and Shang's cups and gave Granny a big grin. Everyone just laughed.
Also during dinner Fa Li and Granny Fa suffocated poor Shang with questions about his family, his plans, the matchmaker, and anything else they could think of.
*I am going to stay calm* Mulan kept thinking. Shang however was very calm and answered every question politely. Infact it seemed as though he didn't mind all the questions. But then came the one question none was expecting.
"When are you and Mulan gonna get married?" Granny Fa asked. That did it! Shang almost choked on hi tea and Mulan banged her head on the table several times, causing all the bowls, cups, and chop sticks to jump up and down.
"Mulan..." Fa Li started.
"Mother please! I think I'm going to dye!" Mulan said, humiliation filling her voice.
"I'm sorry Mulan, Granny was only kidding. We'll stop."
"Promise?" Mulan said lifting her head her up from the table. Fa Li nodded.
" Shang and I are just friends and nothing more." Mulan's face was completely red at this time and Shang's was starting to go red too. Fa Zhou; however, found this incident quite amusing and had to strain to keep from laughing.
"Boy do you need to work on you people skills." Mushu said jumping up upon the table. He was followed by Cri-Kee.
"AAAAAAAAA! A LLLIIIZZZAAARRRDDD!" Granny Fa and Fa Li screamed. Granny took off her shoe and was about ready to squash Mushu when Mulan jumped on the table yelling, "NOOOO!" She quickly grabbed Mushu and Cri-Kee just as she fell off the table.
"Mulan!" Fa Li started, "I thought I told you 'No pet lizards'''
"But Ma-ma, he's not exactly a pet, he's more like a guardian."
"A guardian?" Fa Li asked not exactly buying it.
"Yea from the ancestors, to help me with the war."
"The ancestors sent you a little lizard to help you?" Fa Li looked at Fa Zhou as if to say, *These are your ancestors and they couldn't do better than a little lizard?"
"Hey! Who you callin' Lizard?" Mushu screamed!
"Wow! The lizard talks!" Shang said with his eyes wide open.
"Hey dragon, dragon! I don't do that tongue thing!"
" Mushu be Quiet!" Mulan said putting her hand around his mouth. They both looked around at all of the confused looks. They both thought that this would be a good time to tell every one about their first meeting.
After Mulan and Mushu were done Mulan and Shang told the family all about the war and what happened with the Emperor. They all gasped and laughed at the stories that were being told. Mulan had calmed down and Shang was having a blast. The Fa's really started to like Shang. It turned out to be a wonderful evening after all.

Chapter 2 A walk in the moonlight.

After dinner Mulan gave Shang the grand tour of the house. After that the two decided to go for a walk in the garden.
"I am sooo sorry!" Mulan said feeling a little nervous.
"For what?" Shang asked.
"For my family, for tonight, for every thing!"
"Don't be! I really like your family. I had a great time, the best time I ever had. I mean it," he said looking deep into her eyes. " I wanted to thank you for saving my life," he said breaking the gaze.
"No! I should be thanking you!" Mulan said.
"For what?"
"Well, because when you found out that I was really a woman, you spared my life. Any one else would have killed me."
"Well, you saved my life. A life for a life remember? Besides I'm not exactly cruel and heartless."
"No, your not," Mulan said as she stared into Shang's eyes. The way the moonlight hit her made her look so angelic. Shang couldn't help but be amazed at her beauty.
*Wow! I never realized how beautiful she is. I can't believe she isn't taken.* Shang thought to himself. The two had no idea that they were being watch from the bushes.
There in the bushes stood Mushu and Cric-Kee.
"My little baby's all grown up and falling in love," Mushu said as he started to cry.
Fa Zhou, who was watching them from afar couldn't help but say the same thing as he watched to two just stare at each other.
Shang and Mulan felt themselves move closer to each other.
"It's late. I really should be going." Shang said as he broke the gaze again. He got up of the bench the two were sitting at and headed for the house. A rather disappointed Mulan got up and followed him.
"Thank you everyone dinner was great. I had a wonderful time but I must return home," Shang said sorrow filling his eyes as he said good-bye to all of the Fa's.
"Well, it's not everyday Mulan brings a man to dinner," Granny Fa said with a childish smirk on her face. After seeing Mulan's reaction Fa Zhou thought she was going to kill her.
"Shang why don't you stay here for a couple of days," Fa Li started. " Northern China is such a long way away and you must be exhausted"
" No thank you, I wouldn't want to impose." Shang suddenly saw Mulan's pleading eyes and he couldn't help but melt. "Well, maybe for a couple days. Thank you."
Mulan was very excited, and so was Granny. After saying their goodnights Mulan brought Shang to the guest room.
"Thank you again Mulan," Shang said.
"No problem. Father must be very happy that he's not the only man around the house. He really appreciates you deciding to help him with the house repairs."
"Oh I don't mind. It's the least I can do."
"If you need anything I'm in the next room. Goodnight Shang."
"Goodnight Mulan."
That night Mulan could hardly sleep. She was very happy to be back in her own room again. She was also excited that Shang would be staying for a couple of days. This was her chance to really get to know him. Every time she thought about him her heart started racing. Little did she know that everytime Shang thought about her his heart started racing too.

Chapter 3 A trip to the Market.

Shang was up bright and early ready to help Fa Zhou with the house repairs. He was wearing his training uniform since he hadn't brought a lot of cloths with him. Suddenly he saw Little Brother run out of the house with a sack of chicken food tied to his collor and dragging behind him. There was a parade of chickens eating the trail of food.
"What the...." Shang started to say. He suddenly saw Mulan appear in the doorway with a tea pot and two cups on top of a large tray.
"Oh good morning Shang!" Mulan said in a cheery voice.
"Good morning Mulan! So how dose it feel to be back to your old self again?" he said eyeing her yellow and blue dress.
"Oh it feels really good I just wish that my hair would grow back." They both began to chuckle. Suddenly a little boy around the age of ten came running up toward Mulan caring an old warn out ball.
"Oh Shang! This is Cheng Wong. Sometimes he comes over to help with the yard work and some small repairs. Wong, this is Captain Li Shang."
"Hello Wong!" Shang said as they bowed to each other.
"Wow! You were in the war with Mulan?" Wong asked.
"Yes, I was her commanding officer."
"Wow! So Mulan this is the captain you said you wanted to marr.."
"Kids were do they get these things?" Mulan said as clapped her hand on Wong's mouth. Mulan started to turn a deep shade of red.
"Are you gonna play ball with us Shang?" Wong asked when Mulan finally let go of his mouth.
"No, I still have a lot of work to do," Shang said as he wiped swet of his forehead.
"Come on Shang father won't mind. You got to learn to have fun!" Mulan pleaded with him.
"Ok but only for a little way." The three played for hours. Shang and Mulan taught Wong some karate moves. While doing the moves Wong and Shang both fell into the pound.
Mulan thought that this was hysterical and laughed so much that her side was soar. Shang was not going to let it go that easily. He grabbed Mulan by the ankle and pulled her in. That only made her laugh even more.
Fa Zhou watched them from a distance and could hardly contain himself from laughing. Mushu and Cric-Kee were also watching from a distance and Mushu was not about to let them have all the fun. He jumped right in to the pound too.
After Wong left it was time to get serious. Granny Fa purposely forgot to pick up a few things for dinner and asked Mulan and Shang if they would go to the market for her. They both agreed and went on their way.
While in the market herds of people passed them. Some gave Mulan disgusted looks. They didn't like the fact that her being a women did what she did. Other people however idealized her and thought of her as the brave women willing to brake tradition to do what was right.
Mulan and Shang didn't notice the people. They were too wrapped up in a conversation to care what other people thought of them. The only thing to brake that conversation was a young girl not older than 17, around Mulan's age. The girl came running up to Mulan and gave her a big squeeze.
"Mulan! Mulan! Mulan! I can't believe your here! I've missed you sooooo much!" The young girl said. Mulan new exactly who the girl was and returned the embrace. Suddenly the girl wacked Mulan in the shoulder.
"Oww! What was that for?!" Mulan shouted while rubbing her soar arm.
"Don't you ever do that to me again! I thought you were dead...Who's this?" The girl said as soon as she saw Shang.
"Oh! Yin this is Captain Li Shang, Shang this is my best friend Ma Yin." Shang and Yin both bowed to each other.
"Wow, he's cute," Yin said to Mulan. Shang started to blush.
"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" Mulan said quietly.
"Oh I get it, you two are a couple," Yin said excitedly.
"Shang and I are just friends."
"Yea sure," Yin said sarcastically.
"We were just taking a stroll around the market. Would you like to come with us?" Mulan asked Yin. She hoped Yin would say "No" because even though they were best friends, she new Yin would tell Shang all of Mulan's embarrassing stories.
"Well,...If it's ok with you Shang?"
"Of course. Any friend of Mulan's is a friend of mine." Shang said.
"Great! Boy do I have some embarrassing Mulan stories to tell you!" Yin pushed Mulan closer to Shang. Mulan knew exactly what she was trying to do.
*She's worse that Granny,* she thought to herself.
While walking and telling stories the three met up with another one of Mulan's close friends. Her name was Wie Yane. She was younger than Mulan and Yin, and she was shy,and pretty. The four spent hours talking about the war, and what has happened in town since Mulan had left. Mulan was also forced to tell about the Matchmaker. Everyone laughed during the beginning and felt sympathy at the end.
With every story Shang felt closer to Mulan. He wished the day would never end. In the morning he would have to leave. Mulan didn't want to say good-bye to him either. She really liked him.
After a few hours Mulan and Shang ventured back to Mulan's house. They talked about Yin and Yane and then got on the topic of Yoa, Ling, and Chien Po. Suddenly like a bolt of lightning the same idea struck them. They turned to each other each with a smirk on each one's face knowing exactly what the other was thinking. At that moment the perfect plan was beginning to surface.

Author's note:
I hope you enjoyed that. Part 2 is on it's way soon. I promise. Please I would really like your info. Tell me what you liked and didn't like so I can know if I need to revise anything. I would also like everyone's ideas for part 2 since I am kinda stuck on what write. I would also like to thank all of the authors of other Mulan fanfic, you have all inspired me. Coming Attractions Part 2: Mulan and Shang try to fix Yoa, Ling, and Chien Po with her friends and another girl.

Coming Attractions: Part 2

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