The Matchmaker Returns
Written by Anna F.

After dinner Mulan invited Shang to go the market place to buy some apples. As she was leaving the apples stand she dropped a few. As she gathered them up she suddenly stopped and was face to face with a pair of black slippers. Mulan looked up at the towering figure of the Matchmaker.

"Good Morning, honorable Matchmaker." Mulan said bowing. "Hmph!" Was the only reply the rotund woman gave. "So," The Matchmaker said finally. "Have you found a husband yet?" Shang glanced at Mulan almost expecting her to say "yes."

"No, honorable Matchmaker." Mulan said almost coming to tears from shame. "I am not surprised. What man would want you as his bride? Who would want a woman who is energetic and speaks her mind? A woman who dressed up like a man and joined the army? And woman who failed my match making session? Who would ever want you?" Shang, by this time, was fuming.

"I would." Shang said stepping forward. Mulan came out of her bowing position and looked at Shang, absolutely shocked. The Matchmaker's eyes, just noticing him, widened. "Captain Li!?"

She cried bowing deeply. "Why would you want this creature?"

"I would be honored to have Mulan as my bride because, She saved my life several times, she is the most loyal, brave, and beautiful, person I have ever met." The Matchmaker tried to sputter a reply but couldn't and stomped off.

Shang walked Mulan back to her house not breaking their gaze on each other.

The End
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