Mulan 2: True Love
Written by Sanja Dragojlov

Right after dinner with Mulan and her family, Mulan showed Shang the garden. There was a light, but cool breeze, blowing a cherry blossom to the peaceful pond. Mulan shivered. Shang saw her and he unfastened his cape, and put it over Mulan, tying it. He then put his arms around her and said, "Mulan, I didn't just come to return your helmet. I mean... your father's helmet. I came to tell you that um... thanks for saving my life, twice." He was nervous, and he couldn't bring himself to say what he wanted to say, and what he came for. Mulan happily said, "You're welcome!" "Mulan, I..." "Yes," she said. "I came to tell you that I think you're sweet, beautiful, spirited, smart, and brave. What I mean is... (he hesitated for he was nervous, but he knew that he had to tell her how much he loved her.) I love you," he replied, nervously. Mulan was surprised, yet very happy. "I love you too, Shang. I always will, for as long as I live," Mulan replied. Then he slowly brought her to his lips, and he kissed her. "Mulan, will you marry me," Shang asked her. Mulan was even happier. "I thought you'd never ask. Of course I will!" she replied happily. He stayed for the night, and he agreed to stay the next day.

When the Matchmaker heard the news that Shang and Mulan were to be married, she went mad with rage. "That little brat is going to be married to a general's son. Why, she can't even pour the tea!" the Matchmaker replied, angrily. Chi Fu heard the news, too. He came over to the Matchmaker's. "Matchmaker! Mulan is to be married to Captain Li Shang!" Chi Fu said shocked and upset. "I heard the news, too," the Matchmaker replied. She went on to tell him the whole story of how Mulan came to find a match, and how she made her catch on fire, and all that. Chi Fu was shocked and surprised. They thought of a plan to stop that wedding. The wedding was in a week.

The Matchmaker invited Mulan over that afternoon. Shang wouldn't let Mulan go because he wanted to be with her. If she was to go, he wanted to come, too. Mulan said, "Shang, I have to go alone because the Matchmaker said so. I promise I'll return soon. I won't take too long," Mulan told Shang. Shang finally decided to let her go.

Mulan soon arrived at the Matchmaker's. She was surprised to see Chi Fu there. "So, You're going to marry Captain Li Shang," the Matchmaker said. "Yes," Mulan replied. "You're never to see Shang again! You cannot be married to a general's son! I will make sure that Shang marries another woman. I will try to convince him to not like you. Besides, I don't think he likes you anymore." "No! I love Shang. He doesn't like me, he loves me," Mulan replied, almost in tears. The Matchmaker grabbed Mulan and put her in a bucket in a well. She then pushed the bucket down into the water, at the bottom of the well. Mulan started to cry.

After waiting so long, Shang decided to go over to the Matchmaker's to see Mulan. When he arrived, he found the Matchmaker taking a walk. He asked her, Where is Mulan?" "You will never see Mulan again. You cannot be married to that girl who can't even pour the tea!" the Matchmaker replied angrily. "I want more in a wife than someone who can pour the tea. Now, what have you done with her?" Shang replied, upset and angry. The Matchmaker went inside, ignoring him.

Shang then heard someone crying. It was coming from the well. He went over to the well, and saw Mulan at the bottom. He pulled her up. When she reached the top, Shang hugged her and he kissed her with relief. "Shang, the matchmaker said that she will try to find another girl for you, and that she will try to convince you to love her and to marry her. She also said that she didn't think that you loved me anymore," Mulan said with tears running down her eyes. Shang held her close and said, "Mulan, that's not true. I love you very much. I will always love you for as long as I live. I won't love anyone else and I won't marry anyone else, besides you," he told her. Then he kissed her gently on the mouth. They went home together.

The End!

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