Another Version of Mulan
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The Battle Against Light and Dark
The new evil arises! A new mission started for the Senshi of Love

written by Jennifer
Chapter One

In a small village in Wan country, lived a girl Mulan. That morning, she went to see the matchmaker, but failed miserably. She cheered up with the help of her best friend, Sing-Li and her father. But soon, she found out that her father had to go to war. She knew after he was gone, he would never return. That night, before dinner, Mulan peeked into the room where her father kept his armor and sword. He took out his sword and started practicing, but fell to the ground. That evening, Sing-Li was joining them for dinner...

Mulan looked around the room. Everyone was so calm. How could they be when they knew her father was never coming back after this night?! Finally, she couldn't take it anymore, she slammed her cup of tea down.

"You shouldn't have to go!" Mulan said to her father.

"Mulan...," Fa Li (Mulan's mother) said.

The conversation went on. Finally, when Fa Zhou (Mulan's father) said something that shocked Mulan, she ran outside and let her tears fall. Sing-Li went after her. She knew what was going to happen and what Mulan was thinking. She stood by Mulan and whispered something in her ear.

"I know what you're thinking and what you are going to do. I'll go with you," Sing-Li said as if she understood.

"Really? But you don't have a sword, any armor, or a horse." Mulan said.

"Don't worry about me. I'll meet you at the camp," Sing-Li said.

"How will I find you?" Mulan asked.

"No, I'll find you," Sing-Li replied.

In the dark night, Mulan and Sing-Li did what they had to. They diguised themselves as warriors and hid in the forest in complete opposite directions. Mulan was really nervous, while Sing-Li, much to anyone's surprise was quite confident. She knew what she had to do...

In the morning at dawn, Sing-Li rushed to camp while Mulan was practicing how to act like a man. She was failing miserably. Then, a large shadow appeared on a rock. Then, it turned out that the shadow belonged to a little dragon named Mushu. He said he was Mulan's guardian dragon sent by her ancestors.(Of course he wasn't. He was just taking this opportunity to get back to being a guardian again. He was demoted for failing at his job.) He came along with Mulan to guide her in being a man. Also in the group was Cri-kee, who was a good luck charm for Mulan. Mulan was gonna need a lot luck to pull this off.

At the camp, Sing-Li was looking around. Then, she felt a little tap on her shoulder. She turned around.

"Thank you for actually entering the military, again," General Li said.

"No problem. Once the war is over, you owe me big time," Sing-Li said.

"Why don't I reintroduce you to Shang?" General Li requested.

"Okay. I guess I could see your son, again," Sing-Li replied. General Li led her to a tent where Shang was waiting.

"Stay out here first," General Li said. Sing-Li waited. The General entered the tent. She couldn't hear a word they were saying.

"Shang, I would like you to meet the soldier that was in the military for 10 years that I've been talking about lately. His name is Sing," General Li said. Then, General Li signaled to Sing-Li to some in and she walked into the tent.

"Hello Sing," said Shang.

"Hello Shang, uh... I mean sir," Sing-Li replied. Uh oh! She almost gave away that she already knew him. Shang wondered how Sing knew his name when they were introduced. He knew Sing didn't hear a word his father and himself were saying while Sing was outside.

"He's around the same level as you are in training skills. But let him teach you a few sword tricks. They can be very useful," said General Li to his son.

"Shang, I'll go get my map and we can discuss on war strategies. General Li went outside to get his map. As soon as he was gone, Shang turned to Sing-Li and asked her a question.

"How did you know my name when we were first introduced?" Shang asked.

"You'll know soon enough," Sing-Li replied. Then, she walked out. Shang still wondered though how he knew his name. Meanwhile, Mulan had entered the camp. Lots of men were staring at her. Could they tell he was a she?

"Sing, come here, maybe you should know some of this too," General Li said to Sing Li. She understood and went inside the tent. Then, Chi-fu entered the tent too. The General unroled his map of China.

"The Huns have stuck here, here, and here. I'll take my troops up to the Tung Shao pass and stop Shan-Yu from destroying this village, while you train these new recruits. When Sing and Chi-Fu believe you are ready you will join us, Captain," General said. Then, he handed his son a beautiful sword.

"Captain?" Shang asked. He was obviously stunned at this turn of events.

"Uh.. this is a big responsibility, General. Maybe you should let a soldier with more experience-" Chi-fu said. Meanwhile, outside the tent, Mulan was failing miserably of trying to act like a man. One thing was for sure, she was making enemies fast. She just knocked over practically everyone in the camp!

"Hey guys!" Mulan said nervously while all the fallen soldiers were starting to get up and focus their anger on Mulan. In the tent, General Li explained why his son should be Captain. Sing-Li rolled her eyes at the sound of all those reasons. When she got out of the tent she saw everyone fighting. She was shocked. She knew who could've caused all this, Mushu. The General whispered something in Sing-Li's ear.

"Remember, don't give your true idenity to Shang, understand?" the General asked.

"Yes sir," Sing-Li replied. Soon after the General was gone, Shang settled everything.

"Soldiers!" Shang shouted out. Everyone backed up and pointed at Mulan.

"He started it!" all the recruits said. Sing-Li could do nothing, but cover her mouth with her hand in shock. Shang walked over to Mulan who was still all covering herself up. Mulan looked up and saw Shang staring at her angrily. She immediately stood up and brushed herself off.

"I don't need a troublemaker in my camp!" Shang said to Mulan.

"Sorry, uh..I mean sorry you had to see that. You know when you get those manly urges you just gotta kill something, and do other manly stuff like cook outdoors...," Mulan said, trying to act like a man. Sing-Li rolled her eyes. She's blowing it! I'm going to have a little talk with her later, thought Sing-Li.

"What's your name soldier?" Shang said as he eyed her suspiciously.

"Uh.. my name?" Mulan asked.

"Umm, I've got a name, and it's a boy's name too!" Mulan said nervously.

"Ling, what about Ling?" whispered Mushu.

"His name's Ling," whispered Mulan looking at a guy in the crowd.

"I didn't ask for his name, I asked for yours!" shouted Shang.

"I don't know..uhh....Choo!" whispered Mushu

"Ah Choo!" said Mulan.

"Ah choo?! asked Shang. I'll have a little talk with Mushu too, thought Sing-Li.

"Gazuntite! I crack myself up!" whispered Mushu.

"Mushu!" Mulan whispered to Mushu.

"Mushu?" Shang asked.

"No,"Mulan said.

"Then what is it?!?!" Shang asked. It was obvious he was getting ticked off.

"How 'bout Ping? Ping was my best friend growing up!" Mushu whispered.

"Ping!" Mulan said.

"Ping?" Shang asked.

"Even though he did steal my girl.." Mushu said. Then, Mulan put her arm behind her back and squeezed Mushu to shut him up.

"Yes, my name is Ping," Mulan replied.

"Let me see your papers," Shang said. Mulan handed Shang her father's army papers. Shang was surprised to see who this person was.

"Fa Zhou? The Fa Zhou?" Shang asked.

"I didn't know Fa Zhou had a son," Chi-fu said.

"He doesn't talk about me much," Mulan said. She started to get ready to spit, but when she tried to spit, the saliva was just dangling from her mouth.

"I can see why. The boy's an absoloute lunatic!" whispered Chi-fu to Shang.

"Thanks to your new friend Ping, you'll spend tonight picking up every single grain of rice and tomorrow, the real work begins," said Shang to everyone in the camp. Everyone started to focus their anger on Mulan, excluding Sing-Li. After Shang walked away, Sing-Li walked over to Mulan. Not knowing that this person was her best friend, Mulan got scared and ducked.

"We got to work on your people skills, Mulan," Sing-Li told Mulan, looking down on her.

"Sing-Li? Is that you?" asked Mulan.

"Yes, it is and I'm going to have a little talk with you and Mushu. Don't ask me how I know him and that he's with you. I'll tell you tomorrow. Meanwhile, let's get to work," Sing-Li said. They followed Shang's orders and finally went to sleep. The next day...

Chapter Two

Sing-Li woke up really early, got dressed and went to Mulan's tent. She was going to have a little talk with Mushu and Mulan and tell Mulan of how she knew Mushu. Sing-Li then entered Mulan's tent.

"Mulan! Wake up!," whispered Sing-Li to a dreaming Mulan.

"Huh? What's going on?" asked Mulan as she slowly got up and yawned.

"First of all, I'm going to have a little talk with you and Mushu," said Sing-Li. Mushu immediately woke up at the sound of his name.

"Did somebody call my name?" Mushu asked with a yawn.

"Yeah, I did. Mushu, did you know you're the cause of us picking up every single grain of rice, practically every recruit an enemy of Mulan, and giving Mulan a bad first impression on Shang?" Sing-Li asked.

"Well, don't blame it all on me! Some stuff Mulan did herself!" said Mushu, trying to defend himself.

"Like what?" Sing-Li asked.

"Like..uh..the spittin' thing! I didn't tell her to do that! Did I?" asked Mushu.

"Okay, that was one thing, but you caused all the rest!" said sing-Li.

"Okay, alright, I was just doing my job. Now if you excuse me I need my beauty sleep. Good night!" said Mushu. He laid down and was soon asleep.

"And Mulan, don't ever trust Mushu when it comes to behavior. Ask him on what he wants you to do first then decide if you do it or not. And another thing, just be yourself next time, okay? No offense, but lots of people in your village think of you as sort of a tomboy," said Sing-Li.

"Sorry, I was just nervous I guess," said Mulan nervously.

"That's okay. I told you I was going to tell you of how I knew Mushu and the rest of the story didn't I? Well, I have to tell you now or I won't have another opportunity to tell you!" Sing-Li softly said.

"Well, hurry or this opportunity will fade! And what time is it anyway?" asked Mulan.

"Still night, just before dawn. Anyway, I knew Mushu because his best friend Ping was my guardian when I was encouraged into the military for ten years by General Li. Ping told me all about Mushu and how he was a Fa family guardian," said Sing-Li.

"You know General Li? How?" asked Mulan surprisingly. Sing-Li turned her head away.

"He's my father," said Sing-Li regrettingly. She turned her back to face Mulan.

"Your father?!?! But, I met your father and he's not the General, I know that, or you or my father would have told me," said Mulan unbelievingly. "Uh, did something happen to your father?"

"No, you know how my father is the Emperor's advisor. He spends most of his time in the Imperial Palace. After my mother, brothers, and sisters died of an illness, my father didn't really have much time to take care of me. He told the Emperor and he came up with a solution. He told me I could stay with the General and his son, since they needed a woman around the house to keep things in order anyway. So, I moved in with them and sort of became the General's daughter," said Sing-Li.

"Wait a minute. If you're the General's daughter, that means Shang is your brother!" said Mulan surprisingly.

"Yes he is. Still the same little boy I always knew," said Sing-Li with a litle grin.

"Well, I better get ready for training. If I know Shang well enough, he'll be giving all of us some killer training. Good luck!" said Sing-Li reassuringly.

"I'll just take some extra minutes of sleeping and then I'll get dressed," said Mulan. She laid down, closed her eyes and was soon fast asleep. Then, Sing-Li tied her long hair into a bun with a blue ribbon and left Mulan's tent. She came to a wide open space with a wooden pole. She knew their training would begin here. She looked around and saw a sword on the ground. She remembered the General's words about teaching Shang's troops a few sword tricks. 'I better start practicing my sword tricks. I haven't done them for a long time,' Sing-Li thought.

She picked up the sword and made it face sideways in the middle of her face (or something like that), waved it around and threw it underhand in to the air. Then, she did a backward somersault in the air and caught the sword in her hand, landed on both feet, and pointed the sword forward. 'That should be all the practice I need for now,'Sing-Li thought. She put the sword back on the ground and headed for her tent. 'I should wait for someone to awaken first then go to the wide open area,'Sing-Li thought as she entered her tent. She waited a few minutes until she heard footsteps. She exited her tent and went to the wide open space. 'I sure hope Mulan isn't late,' Sing-Li thought. Soon, more and more guys awoke and entered the wide open space. 'Where on earth is Mulan,' Sing-Li thought. All she could do now was wait. Meanwhile at Mulan's tent...

Mulan and her side-kick Cri-Kee were still sleeping. But then Mushu twisted Cri-Kee's wings and after he was done, Cri-Kee was ringing like an alarm clock.

"Rise and shine sleepin' beauty! Hut-Hut-Hut!" Mushu said. Mulan was still tired and covered her sheet over herself. Mushu took the covers away from Mulan and she started to shiver. She got up and yawned.

"Am I Late?" Mulan asked.

"Guess what Mulan? You get porridge! And it's happy to see you!" Mushu said. He was holding a bowl with rice, bacon, and two fried eggs. Then, Cri-Kee stuck his head out of the porridge. Mushu spotted him. "Get out of there! You gonna make people sick!" He tossed Cri-Kee out of the bowl with his chopsticks. "Now listen to the teacher, play nice with the kids, unless the kids want to fight, then you gotta kick the other kids' butt!" Mushu said while stuffing Mulan's mouth with rice, bacon, and eggs.

"But I don't wanna kick the other kids' butt," Mulan said with a stuffed mouth.

"Don't talk with your mouth full! Now let's see your war face!" Mushu ordered. Mulan really couldn't do anything since her mouth was stuffed. "Ooh I think my bunny slippers just ran for cover. Come on, scare me girl!" Mulan swallowed the rice in her mouth and growled at Mushu. "All right! That's my man!" Mushu climbed up on Mulan and tied her hair into a bun. Khan stuck his head into the tent and whinnied. "What do you mean the troops already left?"

"They what?" Mulan asked. She quickly got dressed and headed toward the wide open space while hopping to get her boots on.

"Wait! You forgot your sword! My little baby off to destroy people!" Mushu said while dragging Mulan's sword. Then, he sniffed.

Chapter Three

Mulan was hurrying to get to where all the other recruits were, while Sing-Li was waiting impatiently for Mulan to come. 'Mulan is late! A few extra minutes, really,' thought Sing-Li.

Then, Sing-Li heard Ling say," Looks like our new friend slept in this morning." At the sound of that, she looked around, saw Mulan, and immediately ran to her.

"I thought you said only a few extra minutes," Sing-Li whispered to Mulan.

"Sorry!" Mulan replied. Yao saw Mulan and ran to her.

"Hello Ping, did you have a nice breakfast? Because I should have given you a knuckle sandwhich!" Yao threatened. Then, all the recruits cheered. Sing-Li saw this and came to the defense of her friend.

"Why are you pickin' on him for?" Sing-Li asked.

"He was the reason for us picking up every single grain of rice last night," Yao replied.

"So, it's not his fault Shang ordered us to do that," Sing-Li said.

"Wait, are you a friend of Ping's?" Yao asked.

"You could say that," Sing-Li replied.

"Because a friend of Ping's, isn't friend of mine," Yao said as he showed a fist in front of Sing-Li's face. She didn't look that impressed. Then, she put Yao's fist down with one hand.

"Look, since I'm in such good mood, I'm gonna let that slide, but next time, you won't be so lucky," Sing-Li replied.

"Soldiers!" shouted Shang. Then, all the recruits lined up in a single file. "You will assemble silently and swiftly every morning. Anyone who acts otherwise, answers to me," he said as he took his shirt off and took a bow and a quiver of arrows. Mulan was sticking her head out and looking at Shang. Sing-Li noticed this and quickly elbowed Mulan in the ribs hard. Then, Mulan returned to her regular position before Shang walked by them.

"Ooh, tough guy," Yao snickered.

"Yao," Shang said as he drew an arrow and aimed it at Yao. Then, all the other recruits in line backed up one step leaving Yao in the open. Yao was frantic at the moment, but then Shang aimed his arrow at a long pole at shot it at the top. "Thank you for volunteering, retrieve the arrow," Shang commanded. Then, Yao bowed to him.

"I'll get that arrow pretty boy, and I'll do it with my shirt on," Yao mumbled. He walked over to the pole.

"Wait, I see you're missing something," Shang said. Then, he took two golden discs with silk ribbons from a box Chi-Fu was holding. "This represents discipline," Shang said as he tied one on the discs to Yao's wrist."And this represents strength," he said as he tied the other disc to Yao's other wrist. Since, the discs were too heavy, Yao fell to the ground. "You need both to reach the arrow," Shang said. Then, Yao started to climb the pole. He got a little up, but immediately came right back down. All others tried (excluding Sing-Li) and failed.

"We've got a long way to go," Shang said. Then, he handed out a bundle of sticks to the recruits. Yao grabbed Mulan's stick and tripped her with it and threw it right back on the ground where Mulan was. Their training began. Shang tought them how to do everything they needed to know about fighting the Huns. Sing-Li did everything just as well as Shang. But, Mulan and the others didn't. Of course, Yao and Ling messed Mulan up whenever they could. One night, Mulan was walking to her tent. Then, Shang walked over to her, handed her Khan's reins, and told her to go home. Mulan held Khan's reins and walked away. Then, she noticed Shang's arrow stuck in the pole and Sing-Li under it holding the two discs in her hand. Mulan smiled and tied the discs to her wrists.

She tried to climb the pole, but again she fell to the ground.

"I know you can do it Mulan. Just think of a way up there," Sing-Li said. Then, Mulan thought of a way. She tied the two discs together as an embrace to help her get up there. As the sun rose, lots of men watched and cheered for Mulan as she climbed the pole. When she finally reached the top, Shang came out of his tent to see what all the commotion was about. Then, an arrow flew down at his feet. His eyes widened at the turn of events. Then, he looked up and his eyes widened again to see who was up there. Mulan looked down at Sing-Li who was cheering like crazy. Then, her head turned to Shang and she smiled at him. From that point on, Mulan did everything better than anyone else. (except for Sing-Li. They were tied.) The troops finally finished their training and were ready for war.

The new evil arises! A new mission started for the Senshi of Love

Shinsei [Sing-Li] opens her hand at her side and a time portal opens...

We are now in 500 A.D. China. Mulan, her family, and Shang are sitting down for dinner. They're celebrating the defeat of the Huns. Again, Shinsei apppears and transforms into a girl with a kimono with long black hair at mid-back length. She walks in and changes her name to Sing-Li.

Sing-Li: Sorry I'm late. My father wanted to have a little chat with me.

Fa Zhou (Mulan's Father): It's all right. Sit down.

Sing-Li sits down and starts eating the meal in front of her with her chopsticks. It's rather quiet. So, she starts up a conversation.

Sing-Li: So, Mulan, how does it feel to save China, bring honor to the family, break the Chinese law, and risk your own life to save your father?

Mulan: Okay I guess.

Sing-Li: I ask all that and you reply to me with only three words?! There's got to be more than that!

Mulan: Alright, I'll say a little more. It was a bit tragic and heartbreaking for me, but I pulled through.

Sing-Li: Much better.

Shang: Fa Zhou, you must be very honored to have such a brilliant daughter.

Fa Zhou: Indeed we are.

Sing-Li looks at Mulan who is fiddling with her rice. (I mean not doing anything but using her chopsticks to sorta stir the rice. That sorta thing.)

Fa Zhou: Isn't that right Mulan? Mulan?

Mulan's head rises in surprise. (she wasn't paying attention)

Mulan: Of course.

Shang: Mulan, is there something wrong?

Mulan is surprised again. It seems that she has been daydreaming.

Mulan: No, why?

Shang: You aren't yourself tonight.

Mulan: How do you know how I am? She grins at him.

Shang: I guess I just do. He grins back. They stare at each other, apparently in love. Fa Zhou, Fa Li (Mulan's mother), and Grandmother Fa exchange glances while Sing-Li hurried up with her dinner. Some other events happened. (I'll get to that later in the story) After dinner, Sing-Li suggested that Mulan show Shang a little more of the house while she talked in private with Mulan's parents.

Sing-Li: Fa Zhou, Fa Li, I have something very urgent to tell you that involves Mulan and Shang.

Fa Zhou: What?

Sing-Li: I need your permission to let Mulan travel with me on a mission.

Fa Li: She only arrived home today! Why does she have to go?

Sing-Li: It's too complicated to explain! I promise she'll visit you, you can talk to each other while she's away, and she'll be perfectly safe when she gets home. You have my word!

Mulan's parents knew more about Sing-Li than Mulan herself. Sing-Li possessed great power that she could even travel through time. Shang knew as well, but not that much.

Fa Zhou: Well... He and Fa Li exchange glances. They nod. Sing-Li smiles, bows, and look for Mulan and Shang. They're admiring the atmosphere of a peaceful night. Sing-Li explains to them that she wants them to travel to a place far away from here. Both accept immediately and Sing-Li opens another time portal. She explains what to do when they've reached their destination, well not exactly, but to get an idea. They enter and they're off.

Sing-Li: Last one.(Her dress transforms into a sort of ninja outfit.) She disappears.

To be continued...

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