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Family Matters
A Single Star
***************************************************************** Family Matters

Author's note: This is a very touching story about Shang and his younger sister Mei, pronounced my. She sacrifices her happiness for her brother's happiness. Mei is my character, but if you would like to borrow her just ask, i'll probably say yes. Feedback greatly appreciated.
"When are you coming back?"asked Mulan."I'll be back probably within a few days."Shang answered."Don't worry.I'm just going to see my sister and tell her i'm going to live here with you."he said."Why don't you invite her to live with us?"Mulan asked, she didn't want to cause Mei any pain by having Mei's only family live so far away from her."No.She's going to get married soon to Gschu Tung.She'll have to live with her husband, it's tradition."he answered."But you're living here with me."she said."That's because i chose to.Tung will never move away from his home, he's too stubborn."he informed her."Sounds like somebody i used to know and he changed."she said as she traced Shang's lower jaw with her index finger."You've never met this guy."Shang said as he took her hand and kissed her palm."I love you Mulan.I'd never move you away from your family.Mei will understand, believe me."he said, his voice sincere and serious at the same time."If you say so."she sighed.They both kissed each other gently on the lips.Shang mounted his horse and rode out of Mulan's village toward his 'home' in Northern China.
Li Mei lighted the incense stick and ignited the candle that was near her Mother's grave."Please Great Ancestors, bring my brother back safely."she prayed, her songbird voice echoing through the temple.She pulled a strand of ebony hair behind her ear and bowed her head until it touched the ground."I place my brother's life in your hands.Please protect him."she felt tears starting in her throat and quickly swallowed them.She raised her head and almost had a heartattack of joy when she heard a horse neighing.She jumped up from her position and was just running out of the temple when she turned back around and bowed to the ancestors."I thank you, Great Ancestors."she said before blowing out the candle.She ran out, her hair blowing in the wind as she ran to the front gate."SHANG!!"she shouted as soon as she saw him.Her brother jumped off his horse and sweeped her up into a tight hug."Shang, i do need to breath."she gasped out."Sorry, I'm just excited to see you."he said, his voice filled with enthsiasim."I am too, but you think you could put me down?"she asked.Shang looked down and saw that her feet were a few inches off the ground."Oh sorry."he said as he put her down.She was short compared to her brother, she only reached up to his chest.Then again, Shang may have gotten the height, but they both had the equal amount of looks, brains, courage, and selflessness.They were almost alike in every way, except that Shang was very stubborn when he wanted to be and she was docile."Come on, Shang.I'll fix you up some tea.You must be tired after that long journey home."she said as she walked toward the house.Shang was about to open his mouth to say somthing, but instead he quickly shut it.When they were inside the house, which was not really a house, but more like a small mansion.Mei was walking toward the kitchen when she felt Shang grab her arm."Mei, wait, i have to tell you something."he said."Okay, but first let me fix you some tea."she said as she slid her arm from Shang's hands."No, Mei, Don't trouble yourself.I won't be here that long."he said.Mei turned around to look at her brother,"What?"she asked, confused by what her brother said."Sit down."Shang pointed to one of the chairs that sat in one on the corners of the room.Mei just shrugged, walked over to the chair, and sat down.Shang sat down in the chair directly across from hers."Mei, the reason i came here was to tell you i met a girl and we're getting married."he said."Oh, i get it.You came here to tell me about her so that i could get this place organized for when you two move in right?"she asked, absolutly delighted that her brother had found the happiness he deserved.Shang sighed, "No.I'm...moving to her village."he said after struggling to get it out."Where does she live?"Mei asked, while she sent out a silent prayer to the ancestors that her brother would be living nearby."Southern China."Shang answered.Mei's heart smashed into a million pieces, but she didn't let it show."Really?"she asked, struggling not to let her voice break."Yes.You hate me now, don't you?"Shang said."NO!"she exclaimed."I could never hate you, Shang.I'm happy for you."she said, meaning every single word.'What i'm not happy about is you moving so faraway.'she silently thought."Mei, i wish you could come with me-"he started."I can't.Tung is much too stubborn, he'd never move away."she finished for him."Exactly.And this girl has an entire family over there and i don't want to make her leave them.Not that you don't mean any less to me."he said with a faint smile."Shang, i completly understand."she said, she would do anything for her brother, even sacrifice her own happiness."Do you really?"he asked."Yes.Yes i do."she answered."Alright then.I'll be back for the wedding, don't worry.Right now i have to get back ho- i mean back to Southern China."he said as he stood up."Ok.Bye Shang."she stood up."This isn't a good bye.Just a 'see you later'"he said.He kissed gently on the forehead and walked out the door.Mei ran to the window and watched her brother mount his horse.He waved to her and she waved back.Her tears were choking her so much that she could hardly breath.Shang rode off back toward Southern China.As soon as he rode out of the front gate, Mei could hold it in no longer.She fell to her knees and cried for her brother to come hold her.
***************************************************************** A Single Star

Author's note:This is a continuation of my other story 'Family Matters' If you haven't read it yet, please go back and read it, otherwise you won't know what i'm talking about in this story.Mei is my character, if you wanna borrow her, just email me.I'll probably say yes.Feedback greatly appreciated.
She awoke, panting, from her sleep.Her ivory skin beaded with sweat and her ebony hair matted down to the sides of her head.She jumped out of bed and slipped her robe on.She ran down the hall and then entered a room on the left side of the hallway.It was empty.The bed had not been slept in, the windows had not been opened and her brother had not filled the room with his presence.Mei fell to her knees crying."It's still true."she said between sobs.Her brother had left her, though Mei did tell him it was alright."It's not alright!"she screamed, banging her hands on the floor.She continued to cry hysteraclly, she missed her brother, and the time they had spent together."Why?Great ancestors, tell me why!"she screamed toward the heavens.She would kill herself if she could, but then her brother would blame it all on himself.Tears fell to the floor with a soft *splat*Mei slowly stood up, her legs threating to collapse from under her.She slowly walked over to the window and opened them.The breeze hit her face with such force, it threatened to turn her wet tears into little droplets of ice.She leaned forward, resting her arms on the windowsill.She gazed off into the garden that was outside the window.The silver moon cast icy shadows that reflected off the droplets of dew on the lotus flower petals.She remembered how she and Shang often chased each other through the garden, Shang very often catching her, and Mei very rarely catching him.She shuddered a bit underneath her robe.She felt a small tingling sensation form on her skin.Off in the distance she heard a dog's angry bark cutting through the night.Mei looked off in the direction of the temple and coughed a bit."I wonder if i'm catching a cold."she said aloud.That would be a reason to postpone the wedding.For now.Mei remembered the day her village matchmaker paired her up with Gsuh Tung.She had cried all day, not wanting to see anybody.Her father had tried to comfort her, but it was her brother who had calmed her down.It was not easy being the only girl in a house full of men, especially military men.She still could not see how the matchmaker paired her off with Tung.He was a vain, stupid, silly, greedy man who only cared about himself.Mei was the complete opposite.She was modest, smart, practical, and generous.Her father had often told her that she was like her mother, that she had gained her mother's spirit when she had passed away.Li Hoshi, Shang and Mei's mother, had died while giving birth to Mei.Shang was only five when she had died, but he had gotten to know her.Mei never got the chance.Shang always had protected Mei, treating her like an individual instead of like another women who most men believed were supposed to cook, clean, and give birth to more boys.She had calmed down, she wasn't crying anymore.Now she was shivering.Mei pulled her robe closer around her body, her satin nightgown clinging to her like a second skin.The wedding would be in two weeks and Mei hoped that she was catching something more serious then a cold.The stars twinkled down at her, one star in particular was shining extra brightly, like a diamond in a sea of ink.Looking at that star brought tears to Mei's eyes.They rolled down the sides of her face.Two single tears.Mei quickly wiped them away.She looked up at the star one more time, "Goodnight Mother."she said to the star.She quickly closed the windows and walked out of the room.

The End.

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