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Untitled Reflections: Part 1 Reflections: Part 2 Reflections: Part 3

Untitled Author's note: This fic came next after the part where Mulan jumped off the roof, when the skyrocket lit by Mushu hit Shan-yu. Here's my version of what happened next:
"Get off the roof, get off the roof!" Mulan was saying over and over again as she dashed to get away from the soon to be explosion. She jumped just in time as the rocket hit the tower and caused a tremendous display of fireworks in the sky.

As Mulan fell, she grabbed a lantern attached to a rope. She slid down looking back over her shoulder. Shan-yu was gone, or was he? Mulan felt the lantern give beneath her weight with her reflex acting, she hurriedly let go. She realized she was a not a very long way from the ground, but still enough height to give her a few broken bones or bruises. Mulan let a cry escape her lips.

Shang shook his head. He still felt a little drowsy from the beatings given to him by Shan-yu. He heard a scream and he looked up. "Mulan?" He saw her fall and quickly ran to get outside the palace.

Mulan closed her eyes and waited for the hard stone floor to hit her back. Instead, she felt strong arms come out beneath and catch her before she did. She kept her eyes closed tight as she swung her arms around muscular, broad shoulders and clutched to them tightly. She felt her heart race as she laid her head on someone's shoulder. Though she was breathing hard, Mulan felt safe nestled in the arms of ? She opened her eyes slowly to see "SHANG!"

Shang looked at the girl in his arms. He had never realized how beautiful this woman really was. Mulan lifted her eyes, meeting his. Their eyes lingered for a few moments. "Um, Shang...uh," Mulan stammered. "Mulan, you...uh, sorry." They both blushed as Shang slowly lowered Mulan down, their eyes still looking at each other.

Shan-yu's sword fell to the ground. Mulan reluctantly tore her eyes away from him first...

(Then that's when the story picks up, and so on and so forth)

The End.

Reflections: Part 1
After dinner with Li Shang…

“Mulan, kindly show our honorable guest the garden. The trees are beautiful with the autumn blaze.” Fa Zhou smiled at his daughter. Mulan stood up, “Of course, father, it would be a pleasure. Shang?"” The young man stood up and bowed to the elders at the table. “It would be an honor to see the famed garden of the Fa Family.” Mulan smiled shyly and beckoned for him to come with her.

Fa Zhou and Fa Li turned to each other with a proud smile on their faces. “Something evil is stirring, and it is coming nearer…” Grandmother Fa’s voice cut through the silence. “What is near, Grandmother?” Fa Li asked her. “Grandmother, we have noticed you were keeping quiet all through dinner, is something wrong?” Fa Zhou asked. “I do not know…” she frowned, “But whatever it is, I know it will be subdued by the gentle aura being emitted by Mulan and Li Shang…” “Anyway, we have to go to market to pick up a few things, would you both come with me?”

In the garden, Mulan and Shang strolled to the pond, admiring the colorful leaves and the clear blue waters decorated with lily pads, as well as the great stone monuments.

They didn’t notice a dark, shadowy figure, quietly watching them from up above a tree. A twisted smile formed on the silhouette’s lips. After a while, Mulan sat down on the bench next to the pond. Shang sat down next to her. For a few minutes, they sat in silence, listening to the cricket’s chirping and bird’s singing. Finally, Mulan interrupted the silence, “Shang, have I told you WHY I joined the army?” Shang looked at her and frowned, “Well, yes, you have. Remember when I found out you were a woman? You told me it was because you wanted to save your father.” Mulan looked up at him, “Actually, it wasn’t that. When you left me there, I started thinking that maybe, I didn’t go for my father. What I wanted was, when I looked in the mirror, I’d see someone worthwhile, and see the real me…” her voice trailed off. She stood up and walked slowly to the bridge. Shang followed her.

Mulan leaned over the edge and looked at the clear, mirror-like water below. “What do you see now?” Shang asked her. “I guess I see the same girl, but with a big difference. I think I’m more experienced now. Besides, I did save China.” She looked at him and grinned, then she turned to look down at the water again. Shang’s handsome face appeared in the water next to hers. “Mulan, I’ll tell you what I see.” Mulan looked at him with raised eyebrows. She looked at his reflection in the water, but his eyes remained serious and sincere.

“I see a beautiful woman, brave enough to break tradition to find out who she is and save her father’s life. I see a quick-thinking girl, smart enough to make her own decisions, and save China and me. I see an obedient, loving daughter, who cares for her family very much.” Mulan looked at him, her face burning up. “Shang….” They both moved closer together, Shang leaned towards her…

The romantic spell was broken when a man, bearing an evil smile and stone-cold eyes, jumped down “Pardon me for interrupting.” He said, glaring at the both of them, “But it seems I have a little unfinished business with the girl.”

Mulan felt her heart race as she recognized the person standing before them, “Shan-yu…” she said, getting ready to react to violent actions. Shang nudged her behind him slowly, “How did you get here? We saw you die, with our own eyes, in the tower.” The large Hun laughed menacingly, “Die? Not really. You see, before I hit the tower, I had swung myself over the edge of the roof.” He bared his teeth at them, “I would have succeeded in taking over China if it wasn’t for…YOU!!” He moved with surprising speed as he grabbed Shang’s shoulders and lifted him up.

“No!” Mulan ran to them, but before she could do anything, a group of Huns came from nowhere and grabbed her. “Shan-yu, let her go! Don’t you dare harm her!” Shang struggled in Shan-yu’s grip. “Oh, don’t worry about her, Captain, we’re not going to do anything to her…yet.”

With a knife-hand chop to the neck, both Mulan and Shang were out cold… Shan-yu laughed evilly as he tossed Shang roughly to the ground and proceeded to climb over the wall with Mulan’s unconscious form

Reflections: Part 2
Author's note: If this story if you think need something more or something less, feel free to e-mail me and tell me what it needs, k?
Shan-yu and the Huns attack Mulan and Shang.

The unconscious form of Fa Mulan was hoisted over the walls, and on the backs of waiting horses. "Hurry up! We'll bring her to the Wu Zhong Camp, that's the last place they'll look for us and when her precious Captain comes for her." Shan-yu gave an order, and in a moment the horses carrying the Huns and their captive were gone, leaving a cloud of dust. In their haste, a Hun soldier dropped his curved dagger.

Unfortunately, Li Shang was still out, no human eyes witnessed this. Fa Zhou, Li and Grandmother Fa were still at the market. No one heard anything.

But, fortunately, DRAGON eyes were present and someone heard everything.

"Geez!! Leave Mulan for a minute and she gets into a hotspot." Mushu complained to Cri-Kee. He hurried over to the limp figure of Shang and tried shaking him a little. He stirred a little and Mushu slapped him firmly but not hard on the cheeks to revive him. "NOW what are we supposed to do!?!?" Mushu paced around, thinking hard. Cri-Kee hopped around him, chirping something. "Yeah, right. We just hop over to the nearest taxi stand, flag down a cabbie, then say, "Follow those Huns!! Be realistic. Sheesh, might as well recruit a new sidekick." He frowned, then his face lit up, "Recruit!! That's it!!" We=92ll go to those 3 guys Mulan met at the training camp.

He hurried off, with Cri-kee doing his best to catch up with him. Suddenly, Mushu stopped. Cri-Kee bumped into him. "There's just the problem of transportation and where the heck are we gonna find those bums." He thought for a while.

He heard a noise coming from the House, "Whoa, disappearing act. Someone's coming this way." He dove behind some bushes with Cri-kee. A moment later, Fa Zhou appeared, "Mulan! Shang! Some friends have come by to see you." From his hiding place, Mushu could see Fa Zhou, and three other men. One tall and thin, another one short and stocky and the third, large and round.

Mushu frowned and crossed his arms, "Those three look kinda familiar" Cri-kee chirped urgently and glared at him. After a moments thought, Mushu snapped his fingers, "Aha! Talk about coincidence, those 3 goons are exactly who we=92re looking for," he looked at Fa Zhou, "Now, how do we get "dad" outta here?"

He didn't have to think long. Fa Zhou called Mulan and Shang a few more times, each time no response. "Where could they be?" he strode around the garden with the Gang of Three following him, also keeping an eye out for them. "What do you make of this, Yao?" the slender on asked the bearded, short man. "Those two lovebirds probably eloped or somethin'." Yao said, keeping his voice down in case Fa Zhou heard. Chien-Po, the large, gentle looking guy, had a worried expression on his face as he hurried to catch up with Fa Zhou, "Honorable Fa Zhou, I found this near the wall. It looks sort of like a Hun dagger, see the curved blade." Ling and Yao came up to look at it. "Maybe this has got something to do with where Mulan and Shang are." Ling suggested.

Fa Zhou looked at the weapon in his hand with a grim expression on his face, "Yes, this dagger reeks of the scent of Huns." He gave the weapon to Yao and hurried into the house. A moment later, Fa Zhou came out together with Fa Li and grandmother. All of them had worried faces.

Suddenly, Ling heard a groan from the bushes. He gestured to Yao and jerked a thumb over his shoulder, pointing at it. Yao nodded, "I'll check it out." He muttered. He cautiously made his way over to the bushes with Chien-Po and Fa Zhou ready with their weapons. In a fluid motion he parted the hedges and looked over to see Shang, shaking his head as he lifted himself up.

"Shang! What happened to you?" Fa Li cried as she rushed over to help him up. "And where is my daughter?" Fa Zhou asked urgently. Shang struggled to get the words out, "Huns attacked us. Shan-yu is still alive and they've got Mulan!" As he realized this, his heart beat faster and quickly walked over to Fa Zhou, "Honorable Fa Zhou, I will go fetch Mulan." Fa Zhou nodded, "Then, you must hurry, my son. And be careful!" Shang nodded and motioned for the Yao, Ling and Chien-Po to follow him.

In a split-second, the Li Shang, together with the Gang of Three were hoisted on their horses, getting ready to move out as Fa Li and grandmother helped Fa Zhou inside. Mushu rubbed his hands together, he saw his chance now. He dashed from his hiding place and jumped inside the saddlebag on Chien-Po's horse with Cri-kee, just moments before they took speed and went out of the gate. "C'mon Cri-kee this ain't so bad." He muttered as he felt the hard containers squishing him and the cricket inside.

Reflections: Part 3
Author's Note: Like the story so far? If ya got any comments about this, the last one, or the first one, em me quick! I’m not perfect ya know…

Wu Zhong Camp looked drab, gray and forbidding since the war ended and a new, bigger camp was built to train recruits. The place was deserted. ‘Perfect for a hideout’ Shan-yu thought as he looked around. He and his troops with Fa Mulan, had arrived there only a few minutes ago. Shan-yu’s men were only around 10-15 people, almost all were wiped out because of then avalanche Mulan started and these men were the remaining Huns which were left behind. "I will finally get my revenge on those two." He thought evilly as the Huns placed them inside a secure tent guarded by two tough men . "I’ ll wait till she come to and when the little captain arrives to help her. Then we’ll have some fun."

Shang, Yao, Ling and Chien-Po were nearing the Huns. They had followed the trail of hoof prints Yao had found just outside the wall of the Fa Family’s garden. "I think we’re almost there." Chien-Po said as he saw the camp in the distance. "Ling shaded his eyes and looked, "What’s say we stop and plot our strategy before we even attack and rescue?" Shang frowned, "Okay, let’s hide out in those bushes, and see what the situation is." He pointed over to some high hedges as he halted his horse. The others quickly reigned in theirs.

Mushu and Cri-kee, inside Chien-Po’s satchel were abruptly jolted around when the horse stopped. "Yeowch!!" Mushu cried as a container bounced off his head, "Isn’t there supposed to be a sign around here somewhere sayin’ ‘please fasten on the seatbelt, we are about to put on the brakes." He rubbed a bump on his head. Cri-kee rolled his eyes at him. Mushu felt the bag being carried and dumped on the ground. "Somethin’ tells me we have reached our destination." He peeked outside with Cri-kee and saw Li Shang the Gang of Three crouched behind some hedges, peering out. He grinned at the little cricket, "Something tells me I should be hitting the spotlight and introduce myself, right about now." Cri-kee nodded at him.

Inside the tent, Mulan stirred. She opened his eyes and sat up quickly. She scanned her surroundings and immediately realized what happened. "Shang! Where is he?" she frantically looked around to see if he was brought in with her. When she could see no one else besides her, a horrible thought crossed her mind, ‘What if…" She shook the thought from her head, ‘No, that’s impossible…" she was startled when a voice cut through the silence, "Ah, you ’re awake. Good…"

Mulan turned her head and narrowed her eyes at the Hun leader standing at the door of the tent, "What have you done with Shang?" He demanded. Shan-yu smiled an icy smile, "Your precious captain is safe…more or less. You are merely the bait. And the whole place is a trap. When he comes for you, he’s dead. You will soon follow."

Mulan gritted her teeth, "Shan-yu, I’m warning you…if anything happens to Shang, I’ll…" "You’ll what?" he sneered at her. Mulan just glared at him and clenched her fists. Shan-yu chuckled sinisterly, and clicked his fingers together. A Huns rushed inside and grabbed her arms and attempted bind them together. Mulan waited for the right moment, when the Hun was directly behind her.

She tensed, and suddenly her right leg shot out with a side-kick, knocking the Hun down to the ground. Mulan glanced at Shan-yu who had shouted out an alarm. Swiftly, she ran toward the side of the tent and slid under the canvas.

Shang and the others heard Shan-yu’s roar, "We better make a move now. That might have been Mulan they were after." Ling nodded, "Okay, how about you take the center, Yao will take the right side, Chien-Po will guard the left side and I guard the back?" The captain nodded, "Good idea. Any questions?" Someone tapped his shoulder from behind, "Uh, boss? Hows about the including The Great Guardian of the Fa Family in your plans?" Shang looked behind him. A small dragon was frowning up at him, "Who?…What are you?" he asked as he stared down.

Yao rubbed his chin, "I guess what he have here is a little red LIZARD!" he grinned at him. Mushu frowned at him and folded his arms across his chest angrily, "I guess you, you vertically-challenged pig, have a lot of space between your ears if you don’t know who the heck I am!" he retorted. Ling frowned, "Who are you then?" Mushu looked genuinely surprised, "Moi? You do not recognize the Great Guardian of the Fa Family, the one who helped, make that ‘made’, Mulan the war hero?"

Shang raised an eyebrow, "You helped Mulan when she was in the training camp? Waitaminute…I think I know what happened to that cannon at the Tung Shao Pass." Mushu looked at him sheepishly, his ears down, "Uh, I don’t know what you’re talking about…" Shang interrupted him, "okay, okay, we can talk later. Right now, Mulan needs help."

Did she? As of that moment, Mulan pressed herslef against a tent, hiding from the Huns. She planned her next move, "Hmm…I gotta get to Shang before he gets here…warn him and send out the word the Huns, especially Shan-yu is back", she gasped between breaths. She sensed something moving in the canvas behind her. Her adrenalin flowing, she ducked down, the split second a sword slashed throught the tent’s side, ripping the fabric. Mulan did a forward roll, and landed a few feet away. She instantly took on a fighting stance, getting ready to fight. Shan-yu stepped out of the ragged edges of the tent, face fixed on her menacingly, "You can’t run anymore can you, little girl?" Mulan remained calm, but out of the corner of her eye, she saw Huns forming a ring around them. She thought fast. Shan-yu let out his battle-cry and held his sword high as he charged toward her, attempting to kill her. Mulan waited until the last possible moment.

When Shan-yu was only a few feet away, Mulan smoothly side-stepped him and delivered a roundhouse kick to his neck. Shan-yu gasped as he felt the sharp pain and skidded to the ring of Huns, breaking a way through for Mulan. She expertly did a couple of backflips toward him and with fluid movements, executed a vault over Shan-yu. Mulan quickly took to her heels as soon as she landed.

Shang, Ling, Yao, Chien-Po, and Mushu together with Cri-kee, silently made their way into the Camp. They had heard Shan-yu’s battle cry and immediately they feared for Mulan’s safety. "Hurry up, my little baby’s in danger and what do you guys do?" Mushu shouted as he tried to catch up with them. No one bothered to answer. Shang most espcecially, the other guys could see worry and concern written all over his face. "Slow down!" Yao called after him. Shang was ahead of them, "This way. I think that shout came from over…Hey!" He had turned a corner, obviously forgetting to be careful and slammed into Mulan!

"Huh!?!..Wha?!" Mulan cried as a figure crashed into her as she was running from the Huns. She tripped over the other person’s feet and both of them tumbled into the ground, rolling over each other. She took a moment before she realized it was Shang! "Shang!!" she cried, suddenly hugging him, Shang was surprised, but he hugged her back, "Mulan, are you alright?" "Yeah, thanks." She replied without tearing her eyes away from him. Ling and Yao glanced at each other and rolled their eyes, "Oh, boy…" "Excuse me, you two lovebirds, but I think we had better get the heck outta here." Yao said sarcastically.

Mulan and Shang scrambled to their feet, dusting themselves off. "Where are the Huns now?" Chien-Po asked. "Back there," she pointed, "We have to get out of here and alert China." "Well then, I suggest a hasty retreat, very necessary for our health!" A voice from Mulan’s shoulder said. She turned and saw Mushu perched there. "Mushu! Am I glad to see you." "Yeah, yeah. What’s say we cut the chit-chat and get the heck outta here?!?!"

Shang nodded, "Yes, we have to ride off now. The Imperial City is a long way off and we have to get there before the Huns do." He said, as they mounted their horses and proceeded to gallop off. "Uh, boss? We have a little company." Ling jerked a thumb behind him, pointing to a group of Huns, rapidly catching up.

To be continued
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