Mulan and Shang: True Love
written by Sheryl
Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Act 4


Scene I: Fa family garden.

After dinner, Mulan and Shang are walking among the cherry blossoms near the pond.

Shang: You know, I never did thank you for saving my life . . .twice.

Mulan: And I never thanked you for sparing mine. I know I deceived you . . .

Shang: Shh-h-h. You did it for the noblest of reasons. You saved your father, me, all of China . . . why Iím the one who should be ashamed for what I almost did. Youíre a far better military strategist than I.

Mulan: (Blushing) That was just luck, you can thank Cri-kee for that. (Laughing) I couldnít have done it if you didnít train us so well. You know what - letís call it even and start over.

Shang: (Smiling) Iíd like that. Iíve known you as Ping, but Iíd love to get to know Mulan. (Shang says shyly) I heard the matchmaking ceremony was held here just before the war. Were you betrothed to anyone?

Mulan: (Slightly embarrassed and blushing) No, I ... Uh ...

Shang: Sorry, I didnít mean to pry. Just wanted to make sure I wasnít stepping over any boundaries.

Mulan: (Smiling) Oh, no!

Shang: I was sure such a beautiful and intelligent girl like you had many suitors.

Mulan: (Stammering) You, you think Iím beautiful?

Shang: And smart. You donít know how hard it is to carry on a conversation with most girls, they donít have anything interesting to say. Hey, I have a couple days before I go back to the Army post. May I visit you again?

Mulan: Sure! Iíd like that . . . a lot. Suddenly I donít know what to say . . .

Shang: Sometimes thatís good too. (He moves closer to Mulan and kisses her lightly before walking away.)

Scene II: Next day in Fa family sitting room. Mulan sits next to her father on the floor.

Fa Zhou: So daughter, do you have anything youíd like to tell me . . . about Captain Shang?

Mulan: (Looks embarrassed) What? Oh, well . . . nothing really. Father, what do you think of him?

Fa Zhou: Heís a fine young man. Well mannered, respectful . . . more importantly, how do you feel about him Mulan?

Mulan: (Getís a far away look) I donít know. Iíve only thought of him as my Captain for so long. I just know when Iím with him, my heart beats faster and our moments together are never long enough.

Fa Zhou: He asked me for permission to court you yesterday.

Mulan: What did you say?

Fa Zhou: I told him it was up to you.

(Knock at the gate)

Granny Fa: (Off stage) Mula-a-an, itís Shang!

Shang: (Enter Shang) Am I interrupting anything?

Fa Zhou: Come in, come in. I was just going for my morning walk. (Exit Fa Zhou).

Mulan: (Rising) Can I get you anything?

Shang: Sit down for a moment. I have something I need to talk to you about. Iíve just been promoted to General by the Emperor.

Mulan: (Excited) Thatís fantastic! Congratulations!!

Shang: No, no. Theyíre sending me to a new province some 500 miles from here.

Mulan: When, how soon?

Shang: Tomorrow morning I meet Chi Fu for my orders and Iíll be gone in two weeks.

Mulan: (Looks down with tears welling up).

Shang: (Takes her hands and lifts her head). I know this is sudden, but the time Iíve spent with you is enough to realize Iíll never find anyone like you again. (Stammering) What Iím trying to say is, will you . . . uh, marry me?

Mulan: (In shock, but happy). I donít know . . . this is . . .I mean Iíve just come home to my family. I donít want to leave them again.

Shang: Well, you donít have to leave right away. Iíll send for you in a few weeks, but I need to know how you feel about me before I go. I donít think I could stand not knowing.

Mulan: (Thoughts raced through her mind. I donít want to lose Shang, but I donít want to leave my family so soon. Imagine, me, a generalís wife? Will I ever fit in with all the officerís wives?) Oh, Shang. I canít answer you right now, but I promise in two weeks youíll know.

Shang: (Looks disappointed).

Mulan: (Shyly) But . . . I do love you.

Shang: (Brightens) Then Iíll hold on to those words for two weeks.

Scene III: Fa family dinner table.

Granny Fa: Whatís there to think about? Go, go, go and marry the man!

Fa Li: Mulan, married to a general? What an honor to this family!

Fa Zhou: Of course Mulanís good enough to be a generalís wife . . . why she could be general. (Laughing) (To Mulan) Donít worry about us Mulan. Weíll always be here and you can come home anytime to see us. Now, itís time for you to start your own future with Shang.

Mulan: (Wraps her arms around Fa Zhou) Oh father, thank you. I promise to visit as often as I can.

(That evening Mulan has her answer to Shang delivered to the Camp)

Act II

Scene I: Imperial Army camp. Shang is leading the troops in calisthenics.

Chi Fu: A message for you sir.

Shang: (Reads message and smiles) Ye-e-e-s!! (Raises arms in the air then realizes his troops are watching him) Uh . . . youíre dismissed.

(Troops scatter except for Ling, Yao and Chien Po who remain and look inquisitive.)

Yao: Good news sir?

Shang: Uh . . . yeah. (Blushing) Iím going to be married.

Ling: To who?

Shang: A friend of yours . . . Mulan.

Yao, Ling and Chien Po: Way to go. Thatís great! Whenís she coming? Canít wait to see her.

Shang: Jeez, you guys act as if sheís marrying you! (Laughing) Sheíll be here in two weeks. (To himself) It seems like an eternity.

(Chi Fu standing on the side observes all this)

Chi Fu: Are you sure thatís wise sir? I mean Mulan may be a good soldier, but a generalís wife? Why, she wouldnít even know how to properly serve tea to the other officers.

Shang: (Angry) Tea? I want more in a wife than someone who can pour tea. Mulan understands me. I can talk to her for hours . . . she has so many interests. Plus, I may seek her advice on strategical matters.

Chi Fu: Military strategy from a woman? I donít think the emperor will approve. (Writes notes while walking away).

Shang: Oh, who cares what you think. I know whatís best for me.

Scene II: Matchmakerís pavilion. Enter Chi Fu.

Matchmaker: So, the emperorís counsel seeks my advice?

Chi Fu: This is an emergency! I need to find a proper wife for general Li Shang in two weeks.

Matchmaker: Whatís the rush?

Chi Fu: Heís marrying a most unsuitable person. No manners at all . . . canít even pour tea.

Matchmaker: (Rememberís Mulan and scowls.) Oh, I know just the type of girl youíre talking about. Why just a few months ago there was a girl who . . ., well never mind.

Chi Fu: I need someone beautiful, demure, quiet and obedient.

Matchmaker: Iíll start on it right away. When will the general be available for a meeting?

Chi Fu: Oh, no. I want this just between us. Shang must know nothing of this, they must appear to meet by chance.

Matchmaker: And fall in love? Iím good, but Iím not that good.

Chi Fu: (Threatening) The emperor is counting on you!

Matchmaker: (Taken aback) Okay, okay, Iíll get right on it.

Scene III: Mulan lights incense and prays at the ancestral bei.

Mulan: Iíll be leaving the Fa family in two weeks to be married to general Li Shang. Please continue to guide me and help me to be a good wife.

Mushu: (Suddenly appears before Mulan out of the smoke of the incense) Hey, I knew you two would get together. Didnít I tell you Cri-kee?

Cri-kee: Chirp chirp

Mushu: So, when do we leave?

Mulan: Oh no. I donít need you to tag along. I think I can handle the wedding on my own.

Mushu: No way. I got you two together. Remember how I started the whole avalanche and got you to save his life? Now, I want to see the wedding!

Mulan: (Laughing) You got us together? Well, I guess you can come along, but behave! No lighting accidental fires at the ceremony, okay?


Scene I: In General Li Shangís tent. Shangís looking in the mirror while getting dressed.

Shang: (Talking to himself) Two more hours until she arrives . . .

(Knock on tent)

Shang: Come in.

Chi Fu: Excuse me sir . . .

Shang: (Excited) Is Mulan here yet?

Chi Fu: No sir. Uh, thereís been word, one of the emperorís nieces has been captured by the Huns and theyíre holding her at their outpost in exchange for the emperor. Her name is Ming. I have orders from the emperor that you are to save her.

Shang: Iíll assemble my troops and send them immediately.

Chi Fu: It was specifically requested by Shan Yu that you go alone.

Shang: Itís a trap, no way. Iíll have some men as back-up, but Iíll meet with Shan Yu. (Turning as he leaves) When Mulan comes, tell her not to worry and Iíll be back soon.

(Exit Shang)

Chi Fu: (Grinning)

Scene II: As Shang gallops towards the Hun camp, he sees a beautiful young woman staggering on the road, calling for help.

Shang: Whatís wrong?

Ming: Iíve just escaped from the Huns. Theyíre sure to notice Iím gone soon and theyíll hunt me down. Please, help me!

(Shang pulls her up on his horse and rides towards back to camp)

Ming: Can we stop by that stream? Iím really thirsty.

(They stop by a babbling brook. Ming sits on a rock, drinks some water and coyly looks at Shang as she rolls up her skirt to dip her feet in the water)

Ming: Ooh, that feels so good. Wonít you join me?

Shang: (Still on his horse.) Uh . . . no, Iím fine. (Looks uncomfortable).

Ming: By the way, Iím Ming, daughter of the emperorís youngest brother. Iím sure youíll receive high praise for saving me.

Shang: Uh . . . Iím uh, general Li Shang. Itís my duty to protect the emperor and his family. Not to be rude, but if youíre done here, Iím kind of in a rush to get back to camp. I have a meeting.

Ming: Oh, you military men with your important business. Okay, letís go.

(She mounts the horse behind Shang, wraps her arms around Shangís waist and hangs on a little too tightly. Shang grimaces)

Scene III: Mulan enters the camp and is greeted by Ling, Yao and Chien Po.

Gang of 3: Great to see you. Weíve missed you here at camp. Hey, want to see our new moves?

(They start showing off)

Mulan: (Laughing) Thatís great guys. Iíve missed you too, but Iím glad I donít have to go through all that training anymore. Whereís Shang . . .

(Just then Shang gallops in with Ming. Mulan looks up, surprised)

Ming: (Giggling) Shang, you tell the most interesting tales of battle and youíre so-o-o strong (batting her eyes).

Shang: (Ignores Ming, jumps off his horse and races to Mulan, scooping her up in his arms). Mulan! I thought youíd never get here.

Mulan: I couldnít get Kahn to move any faster.

(As they move in to kiss, theyíre interrupted by Ming.)

Ming: Er . .hum . . can someone kindly show me somewhere I can freshen up? I must look like a mess after being trapped in that Hun army camp.

(Ling, Yao and Chien Po quickly help Ming off the horse and are falling over themselves to help her.)

Shang: Oh, where are my manners? Of course you can clean up in my officerís quarters. Chi Fu, please show Ming the way.

Chi Fu: I would be honored. (Together they exit.)

Mulan: (Sarcastically) A generalís work is never done. I see youíre now saving damsels in distress?

Shang: Oh . . . her. Thatís Lady Ming, the emperorís niece.

Mulan: Really? Sheís quite beautiful. (Eyeing Shangís reaction.)

Shang: Hadnít really noticed. Now how about making some wedding plans?

Scene IV: Inside officerís quarters.

Chi Fu: So? Details, details. Now Ming, is Shang enraptured with your charms?

Ming: Hardly. As soon as he saw Mulan he forgot all about me. Iíll just have to tell the matchmaker I failed. (Indignant) I still canít believe heíd choose that peasant over me!

Chi Fu: Donít give up so easily. Maybe I can persuade him to change his attitude. (Wink)

Scene V: Mulan in her tent, getting dressed for dinner with Shang.

Shang: (From outside tent) May I come in?

Mulan: Sure.

Shang: Thereís been a change of plans. Chi Fu has planned a dinner in honor of the emperorís niece, lady Tian Ming. We have to make an appearance for the emperorís sake.

Mulan: No problem. Iíll be ready in a minute. (To herself) I wonder how long Mingís staying?

Act IV.

Scene I: At Imperial banquet, Shang and Mulan make a grand entrance into the banquet room. Shang is in his officerís formal dress and Mulan looks stunning in a formal gown. They are the handsomest couple in the room and clearly in love.

After all guests arrive, Ming, gorgeous in a red gown, makes her grand entrance on the arm of the emperor. All bow.

Emperor: Please, no formalities. Weíre here to celebrate the safe return of Ming who was saved by the brave general Li Shang! It was such a covert operation that she was saved before I even knew of any danger.

(Shang looks confused since he remembers Chi Fu told him the order to save Ming came from the emperor. However, the thought leaves his mind when he hears the applause for him.)

Scene II: At dinner, Shang is seated between Mulan and Ming. Mulan doesnít notice the matchmaker is at the other end of the table. Cri-kee and Mushu are hiding in the folds of Mulanís dress. Cri-kee jumps across the table and into the matchmakerís tea.

Matchmaker: (Lifts her tea cup to take a sip and sees Cri-kee.) (Screams) I know Iíve seen this cricket before! Sheís here, she must be here . . . that ill mannered Fa Mulan!

(All heads turn to Mulan. Mulan turns red with embarrassment.)

Matchmaker: (In a rage) You . . . you . . .

Mulan: Yes, itís me. Iím sorry, I didnít know Cri-kee . . .

Shang: (Standing up to face the matchmaker) I will not let you embarrass my fianceeí this way. Itís not her fault.

Matchmaker: Your fianceeí? She canít be a generalís wife. I picked Ming for you. Sheís from an excellent lineage and would make you a member of the Imperial family. What can that peasant Mulan do for you?

(Upset, Mulan runs from the room. Shang tries to catch her, but Ming gets in his way.)

Ming: I had no idea you were the handsome man the matchmaker picked for my husband. What luck, we all ready know each other. Itís like we were meant to be together. (Ming looks at Shang adoringly) Letís give the good news to my uncle. He may promote you to his cabinet once weíre married.

(Shang tries to pull away, but the emperor is already walking towards him.)

Scene III: Mulan is watching the events from behind the door to the kitchen and sobs.

Mulan: Sheís right you know. Shang belongs with someone of stature, someone who can advance his career. How could I believe heíd be happy with me?

Mushu: Oh, come on! Her? Ming? Puhleese. Sheís got nothing on you. I bet you could kick her so hard she . . .

Mulan: Stop! Thatís what I mean. Iím not a lady, but she is.

Mushu: What do you mean youíre not a lady? Ming has no manners, she just bats those goo goo eyes and manipulates people. Believe me, thatís no lady. Come on girl, go out there and fight for your man! (Mushu pushes Mulan out the door.)

Scene IV: Emperor approaches Shang and Ming. The matchmaker and Chi Fu look on.

Emperor: (To Shang) Is it true? Are you going to be wed into the Imperial family? I couldnít ask for a better addition.

Shang: (Doesnít want to show disrespect to the emperor and stammers) Uh . . . well . . not exactly . . . see . . .

Ming: What he means is, we havenít worked out the details yet . . . but soon.

Emperor: Shang, what happened to Mulan? I heard rumors you were to be wed.

Shang: (Looking bewildered) Thatís what I thought.

(Enter Mulan)

Shang: Mulan! Thank goodness you returned. (Looks relieved).

Mulan: I hope you and Ming will be happy together. Youíve made a good match with the Imperial family. Iíll be returning to my family in the morning.

Shang: No, wait, donít go . . .

(The emperor notices the pain in Shang and Mulanís faces.)

Emperor: This may not be my place, but two people in love should be together. There can be no better match than that made by the heavens.

(Matchmaker looks displeased)

Emperor: Mulan, do you truly love Shang?

Mulan: Yes, but . . .

Emperor: (Holds up his hand to Mulan) And Shang, does your heart choose Mulan over Ming?

Shang: (Looks embarrassed) With all respect to the Imperial family (bows to the Emperor and Ming), I must be true to my heart. (He clasps Mulanís hands and looks into her eyes.)

Emperor: So be it. There will be an wedding at the palace, but it shall be for Shang and Mulan! (Beaming)

(Upset, Ming gives Chi Fu a furious look and storms out of the room.)

Chi Fu: Your majesty, do you think thatís wise?

Emperor: Silence! You are to stop interfering in their lives from now on.

Scene V: Fan fare. Shang on his white horse and Mulan on Kahn lead the processional to the Imperial palace for their wedding. The Fa Family follows along with Yao, Ling and Chien Po.

The End.

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