Shang's Visit
written by Denise and Isa
Mulan groaned. The wound in her stomach hadn't healed yet, but she had already saved China. A cold wind fluttered through her window, and she shivered again. She noticed a few droplets of rain on her windowsill. " Rain." She muttered. Suddenly, Fa Li called her with a great urge. Mulan wanted to question Fa Li, but at once saw Shang standing by the doorway. Mulan greeted and welcomed him inside the house, and offered to take his cape by the fire. Shang grinned sheepishly. "Ummm....Hi." He stammered." Hi. What are you doing here?" Mulan asked, staring at his handsome, cute, Brad-Pitt face, while fixing some tea. She was preparing the food for the Fa family, and Shang had escorted her to the kitchen. "Ummm..nothing. I just wanted to see you." He answered. Mulan sighed dramaticly. " Shang, we have`nt seen each other in a long time." "I know." " Well, is there any changes in me?" She said, overheating the tea." I`m not Ping, anymore. Shang grimaced at the thought. Mulan lifted the overfull teacup. " Are`nt you gonna say anything?" She asked, pouring the burning excess tea on her lap. "Umm..what are you doing?" Shang asked. Mulan frowned. Shang noticed he was staring at her sexy, smooth, white, clean, burning legs. He stuck his nose in the air." Is something burning?" He asked her. Mulan rolled her eyes." In the Fa family, we only 'eat' tea and soup." "Oh." Shang said, as thoughts of meat floated in his head. "Well, better eat now." Shang did`nt reply, as he stared at her dirty, wet, and smoky dress. "Do you have any meat?" He asked. "Of course,"Mulan said, and dragged him to the Fa meatery.After Shang chose and chopped a large piece of porkfat,(In wich reminded him of Chien-Po,)they hurried to the Fa table. "Um, do you have any chili?" He asked. Mulan noded and grabbed Shang`s arm. "We can go together." She replied, grinning. They hurried to the Fa cupboard, and Mulan asked him"Liver chili or fattening chili?" Shang said for them to be mixed up with plain chili. She noded and filled a Fa bowl. Then they hurried back to the Fa table. Shang sat on the table. Then when Mulan brought the bowl to the table, Shang`s mouth started drueling. As in the line from 'True To Your Heart', "Shower you with my, love," Shang showered the pork with chili. "Chomp.Bite.Chomp.Bite. This tastes real good!" He anounced, with chili in his lips. Fa Zhou coughed so loudly while drinking his eighteenth cup of tea that he started to puke. Shang interrupted, anyway, saying," The tie in my bun fell down," even if they clearly saw it drooping as a bun in his long hair. He slipped under the table, thinking of the plan he had just thought of. He saw four feet there, each one without laces. "Damn!" He cried. "What?" He thought Fa Li said from on top of him. " I mean Ouch!-I hit my head." "Oh." Shang happily found Mulan`s tiny feet in old, worn out slippers. He quickly tied his bandanna around her feet, ignoring the ugly wrinkled smaller feet beside him, and satisfied, hastened to go up. He backed away from the feet, and bumped his head for real. When he finnally sucked fresh air into his nose, Mulan asked him "What took you so long?" "Um, well I....I`m gonna get some more tea." He said, barely finishing the one in his cup. "I`ll help!" Mulan voulenteered. She stood up. From the moment she stood up, Shang already knew she was gonna trip. He heroicly streched out his arms and moved forward........and tripped."Whoa!" He screamed. Mulan`s arms were streched out, so, she accidently caught him. They stared at each other for a long time, Shang in Mulan`s arms, until thunder broke the spell. Everybody sighed. Fa Zhou coughed again, and little brother spit on Mulan`s plate. Fa Li went to the rest rooms, while Granny Fa sputtered"Too close". Shang and Mulan walked down the hall, and said, "Goodnight, Mulan." "You too, Shang." And ended with a soft 'Bang'

To Be Continued
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