Mulan...I Mean Ping
Written by Denise and Isa
Part One: The Army Camp

Ch.1 Destruction in a Boy's Life.

You peek out of your fingertips and see a wierd looking Captain-Guy staring at you. "What is your name?" The large-lipped face asks you. "Oh god." you mumble, a bit whoosy from the bad boyish smell that surrounds you, as you stand up and dust the boy scent off you. "I have a name," You stammer, " And it`s a boy`s name too." A stuttering thin peacock that has no feathers says, " Your army captain just asked you a question." He spits in your face. Your lizard pet that hides in your collar says " Ling, Ling!" But you say." His name is Ling!" And Mr. captain says,'" I`m not asking for his name I`m asking for your name!" " How about ah..ah..ah-choo!" Your pet says again. "Ah-choo". You say. "Ah-choo?" The Captain-Guy (Who now seemed a little cute) asks you again, sneering. "Ping! Ping! I have an old friend named Ping!" Your lizard-pet screams again. "Ping!" You finally screech. "Ping." Captain replies." Let me see your conscription notice." He pushes. You reluctantly hand over your conscription notice. "Fa Zhou? I didn't know he had a son." He says. "He dosen't speak of me that much," You say, sucking up some air before trying to spit a balony onto the grass, but ending up slurping it back into your throat. (You lightly punch the guy in his right chest-plate.) Then you back up, and decide to hide behind the crowd. Captain Li-Shang strutted up and down, puffing out his muscles before saying." Thanks to your friend 'Ping,' you`ll be picking up every single grain of rice. The REAL training starts tomorrow." He grunts giving a last look at the wierd looking crowd. Then he grunts again, changing his glance to YOU. He gets a puzzling look stamped on his face. You hesitate, knowing he finds you weird, and maybe soon, find out you`re a SHE.

You`ve picked every single grain of rice, with no one helping you. You quietly crack your backbones, then head away to make your tent. It`s only about 3-4 inches long, and while unpacking your overstuffed bag, hear some boys cackling. "Captain thinks Pings a girl!" You get irritated, but continue on. You snuggle under bed, than begin to softly try-to--snore-like-a-man.

To Be Continued
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