Surefire Signs You're Obsessed with Disney's Mulan:

Yes....I have to admitt, it's all true, it happened to me...well maybe not all of it!
Will it happen to you?
E-mail me some of your Mulan obssessive behaviors and it just might end up here!

Thanks for the additional obssessions peeps!

Here are two tiny pics of my precious Mulan dome! The cutie Captain Li Shang is looking lovingly into Mulan's eyes and holding her hand, cute! Fa Zhao sits under the beautiful blossoms, very proud of his little girl! Heehee, looks like Shang is asking Mulan to marry him...sweeet! Everything in great detail -- there's a waterfall, pink blossoms, a minature Little Brother, the Great Stone Dragon, dashing Khan, pretty Fa Li, adorable Grandmother Fa, a little temple and a revolving base with Mushu, Cri-kee and other adorable animals =) The dome plays a very beautiful version of the "Reflections" melody, I have it in wav! Definitely a beautiful Mulan treasure to have! *smiles*


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