The Official Mulan Look-A-Like Contest

Hi there peeps! Checkout all the Mulan Look-a-Likes below! Voting polls will be set up as soon as I get in more nominees, so we can vote for who resembles who the *most*! If you think you, a friend or a celeb looks anything like any of the characters on Mulan, either nominate the celeb or e-mail me a scanned photo with the name of the person and the name of the Mulan character portrayed. No striking resemblence need apply, any striking features will do =) Whoever gets the most votes will have their pic placed on the "SupaMulanFan Space of Fame!" and be immortalized! How cool is that?! Heehee...I got some nominations to start you out with, enjoy and surf friendly! Later!

Chien Po Emperor Fa Zhou Fa Li Grandmother Fa Ling Mulan Ping Shang Shan-Yu Yao


Nominee: Demetri

Nominated by: AnkhGirl

Striking Feature: The *smile*



Nominee: Michelle Kwan

Nominated by: Jennifer

Striking Feature: The *face*

Michelle Kwan


Nominee: Lucy Liu

Nominated by: iovefooi

Striking Feature: The *face*

Lucy Liu


Nominee: Melanie

Nominated by: adidaschik

Striking Feature: The *hair*



Nominee: B.D. Wong

Nominated by: Linasia

Striking Feature: The *face*



Nominee: Antonio Sabato Jr.

Nominated by: Linasia

Striking Feature: The *nose*



Nominee: Masaya Kato

Nominated by: Linasia

Striking Feature: The *look*

Masaya Kato


Nominee: Karl Malone

Nominated by: Hyper

Striking Feature: The *chin*

Karl Malone


Nominee: Victor Wong

Nominated by: Linasia

Striking Feature: *expression*

Victor Wong

Rules and Disclaimer: Void where prohibited, no purchase neccessary to enter, anyone can enter, must have parents permission, yadda yadda ya, got it? E-mail me a nomination! Just a click away!

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