Linasia's Mulan ScrapBook
Lovely Mulan is the cutie daughter of an old, ailing soldier summoned to fight against the invading Huns! Much too weak to fight, spunky Mulan takes daddy's place. She cuts off her hair, (All that lovely hair!), takes her father's armor (You go girl!) and pretends to be a Man! But...BUT a girl discovered in the Imperial Army will be punished by death! (Gasp!) Mulan's love for her father compels her to totally defy tradition--impersonating a soldier (ie. cross-dressing) and making the ultimate sacrifice: risking her life to bring honor to her family.....(sigh) lovely isn't it? Here's a taste of Disney's Mulan! I have accumulated so many pics from all over, I can't remember what I got where or where I got what, if I "accidently stole" [yes, that is actually a word] any originals from anyone, please let me know so I can grovel--beg for forgiveness.....ok, I am thru =) More to come!

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