Who is he? Captain Li Shang, also known as the face that launched a thousand arrows (firey Hun arrows that is), leader of China's finest no.... the greatest troops of all time! Hehe...don't tell me you don't know about this guy?! Ok, ok....I know..I know, you want to know more, is that it? Ok, I was able to dig up some stuff up on Shang and here is what I have so far =) Feel free to add in anything I missed...surely I missed a lot! Stop drooling and watch your step! You don't want to make a fool of yourself in front of your commanding officer, now do you?

Quotes from..."Disney's Mulan": Special Collector's Edition ©1998 Disney Enterprises, Inc.
  • Shang is the young captain who unexpectactedly has the burden of full leadership thrust upon him, along with the responsibility of unforseen decision making. [Russell Schroeder, book author]
  • "...a strong, tough, commanding officer, but who has a vulnerable side. Shang is very stylized. His head shape is unique for a Disney Character in that it isn't the usual circle or oval, but is angular, more like a stretched--out stop sign," [Ruben Aquino, Shang's supervising animator]
  • "I'm fond of Shang because we see him learn true leadership sometimes isn't about following rules," [Pam Coats, Mulan's Producer]

Some juicy tidbits from..."Art of Mulan" © 1998 Disney Enterprises, Inc.
  • "[Shang's] a bit unconventional. He has the shape of typical superhero. That's a formula, but it still works for us. But he can be warm as a military commander. He honors his father, cares about his men, and has a sense of humor, all of which works against his physical archetype. Still, in terms of story, we played it in degress, so he wouldn't overwhelm Mulan, because Mulan is the focus of the story." [Chen-Yi Chang]
  • "...earlier version of the story, Shang was Mulan's betrophed, and the couple met briefly before Mulan disguised herself and joined the army...earlier version they didn't know each other, and the pair joined the army together, but Shang was not her commanding officer. They were military peers. There was another character who was an army captain, an older officer. Finally, the character of that commanding officer and the betrophed Shang were combined into one. Although a certain romantic tension was retained between Mulan and Shang, the structure of the story demanded that it be one-sided." [Jeff Kurtti, book author]
  • "There is a love interest in Shang, which we only kind of hint at. It's present, but low key. We did that intentionally because we didn't want to complicate the story so much. But you still get the feeling at the end of the film that they might get together because Shang does come back to find Mulan." [Ruben Aquino, Shang's supervising animator]
  • "...He is proficient in martial arts, and can fight with alot of different weapons--awords, lances, and sticks....He knows military theory, but has never actually commanded troops or seen battle...he is promoted to the rank of captain, it is his big opportunity to show what he can do--that he's got the right stuff. [Ruben Aquino, Shang's supervising animator]
  • "...Shang--very cool, very definitely in control, very by-the-book. [Barry Cook, one of Mulan's Directors]
  • " ....he just found out his father has died, but he has to get back up and command his troops because China is in danger....he has to protect the Emperor. We see the strength of his character moment of greatest grief and personal loss, he gathers his own inner strength to inspire his troops and rally them to go on." [Ruben Aquino, Shang's supervising animator]

Learn something new, I hope! Now you see how great Shang's character is?! He totally has it together, didn't you feel really bad for him when he found out his father had been killed, gosh, that look on his face =( Shang was in shock, but he still managed to get up and rally his troops for war. And he definitely was not interested in avenging his father's death, his only concern was protecting his troops and saving the Emperor. When he was shot in the arm by one of the Hun arrows, he got up quickly and commanded his troops to "Get out of range!" And when Ping [Mulan] grabbed the cannon and rushed off to face the Huns, Shang was desperately calling out "Ping! Come back! Ping!" For what t's worth, he is an awesome captain! He's got the skills, the control, the personality, the concern, the loyalty and the qualities that make a great leader! Watch out peeps, Disney's coolest hero has arrived!
Shang kicks
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