Hi there peeps! As Requested: More Shang and Mulan FanFic Comming Soon! Check out these great Mulan FanFic written by supercool fans! Hey, why not send me some of yours, I'd love to see it up here! You never know when a Disney peeper will check this page out for ideas on a possible sequel =) Hopefully it's a good one too! C'mon bust out with your very own ideas and versions of Mulan, anything's possible! Surprise me people! I can't wait to hear from you! Enjoy all the FanFics!

Fa Mulan: The Untold Story by Linasia

Mulan's Epilogue by Mulan Fanatic

Another Version of Mulan by Jennifer

Shan-Yu's Story by Tian Ning

Mulan FanFics by Stephanie Silva

Mulan FanFics by Phoenix

Mulan and Shang: True Love by Sheryl

Shang's Adventure by Karen

The Chewed Off End of the Staff by Aurora

Shang's Visit by Denise and Isa

Mulan...I mean Ping by Denise and Isa

The Battle Against Light and Dark by Jennifer

Mulan Fic: What Happened Later by Jessica

Determination: A Mulan Poem by Anita

Mulan the Sequel by Becky B

Ping's Advice by Douglas Rogez

The Matchmaker Returns by Anna F.

Mulan Parody by Karen Archibald

Mulan 2: True Love by Sanja Dragojlov

True To Your Heart by Lyndsie

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