Step into Shang's animation gallery peeps! Hopefully these pics won't take forever to load, (gasp!) can't imagine what you peeps would do to me then =) I had no idea how to deliver the goods...but I've come up with this...umm, this "thing" right down there and boy did it take me forever! It may look simple to the untrained eye, but alot of ingenuity and talent went into making this. Click on a pic and the full version will pop out -k-!

Shang Gallery 1

Oh, lookie here! More pics! Wen was super kind to let me display some of her awesome pics for you peeps! Psssst.......if you want any of these pics in full for your own private collection, check out Wen's Hua Mulan Page! All hail Wen!

Shang Gallery 2

Do you love me now ? You mean, you came all the way here just for Shang? all I need is more stuff to put up, a new silver VW beetle, a job at Disney and we can call it a night! Feel free to send me anything and everything, sign my Mulan LuvBook to let me know you dropped by, tell me what you think about this site -k-! Alrighty then, love to you, love to your family, love to your cow =) And I'm outie!

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