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SupaShangGirls and Mulan fans, you made it! Welcome to Shrine Li Shang! The first in it's kind! Here you will find all things related to Disney's hottest character! This is meant to be a fun fansite, if you don't have a sense of humor, see ya! Be sure to visit The SupaMulanFan site and send all your love to my Mulan Luvbook! Enjoy!

Message form Linasia: A big happy Mulanversary [and Shan-aversary?] to you! Got a new quotes thingy going on, check it out! If you would like to remove your modest quote, just say the word and its done! Got anything to spice up this site, super! Just drop me an e-mail! Comments, questions or suggestions welcomed! Give a shoutout at the SupaMulanFan Forum cause that's where all the actions is be, heehee =) -k- cool, later peeps! Enjoy all the new updates! Surf friendly and um...don't drink and drive, buckle up, yup and....I said goodbye already, so...ok, I'll leave now.


July 8, 1998

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