Mulan And Shang

Shang and Mulan

Now isn't this cute? Shang and Mulan make the cutest Disney couple! I totally adore the way they try to hide their feelings and affections from each other, but fail miserably, it makes them so much more appealing than the usual sappy old lovesick characters. Shang and Mulan's little hint of romance just has pure attraction and silly humor to go with it! Here is a taste of their story:

At The Army's Outpost: The First Meeting
Shang: And what is your name?
Mulan: Uhhh.....uhhh.... I have a name...and it's a boy's name too!
Shang: Well, what is it?
Mulan: Uhh...[whisper] his name is Ling!
Shang: I didn't ask for his name, I asked for yours!
Mulan: Oh...uhhh...ahhhh....chu!
Shang: Ahhh Chu?!
Mulan: Mushu!
Shang: Mushu?!
Mulan: Ping!
Shang: Ping?
Mulan: Yes! My name is Ping
Shang: Let me see your conscription notice...Fa Zhou...the Fa Zhou?
Mulan: Uhh...he doesn't talk about me much =)
Shang: Well thanks to your new friend "Ping" I want every single grain of rice picked and cleared and tommorow....the real training begins.

I'll Make A Man Out of You: The Training
Shang: But you can bet before we're through, mister I'll make a man out of you...
Mulan: Hope, he doesn't see right through me...
Shang: You're unsuited for the rage of war, so pack up, go home, you're through, how could I make a man out of you...

Chance Encounters: Shang and Ping
[Shang just got dissed by Chi Fu]
Mulan: I'll hold you punch...hehe....
Mulan: For what it's worth, I think you're a great captain =)
Shang: [hint of smile]
[The burn-out village]
Shang: I don't father should have been here...
[Shang honoring the death of his father]
Mulan: I'm sorry...
Shang: [gentle pat and walks off]
[A cannon from Mulan's cabin explodes]
Shang: What happened?
Mulan: Uh....
Shang: You just gave away our posi....[gets shot!]
[The Huns charge attack]
Shang: If we die, we die with honor....
[Mulan grabs the last cannon and runs]
Shang: Ping! Come back Ping!
[Shang's body is pulled down the slopes]
Mulan: Shang!
[Mulan rescues Shang]
Shang: Ping....[breathless] you are the craziest man I've ever met...and for that I owe you my life...
Mulan: Ohh!
Shang: Ping?
[Mulan's hand reveals blood]
Shang: He's injured, someone get him a's gonna be alright...Ping it's gonna be..

Shang discovers...Ping is Mulan
Mulan: Wait I can explain! Shang!
Mulan: My name is Mulan.
Mulan: I did for my father!
Mulan: It wasn't suppose to go this far....
Mulan: I did to save my father!
[Shang tosses the sword]
Shang: A life for a life. My debt is repaid.

Mulan confronts Shang at The Imperial Palace
Mulan: Shang!
Shang: Mulan?
Mulan: The Huns, they're here
Shang: You don't belong here Mulan, go home.
Mulan: But I know they're here!
Shang: [Ignores her]
Mulan: You said you trust Ping! Why is Mulan any different?!
Shang: [Ignores her, gallops off]

Shang comes to Mulan's Defense
Shang: [to Chi Fu] She's a hero! Listen you pompus!
[Mulan leaves the Palace]
Shang: fight good.
Mulan: Oh...uh...thank you....

Home: The Fa Family Reunion
Shang: Honorable Fa Zhou...uh Mulan? forgot your helmet...actually it's your helmet...isn't it..uhh...
Mulan: Would you like to stay for dinner?
Shang: Dinner would be great =)

What a lovely ending to an inspiring tale of love and honor...I love this movie and now you can too....j/k! Pretty please sign my Mulan LuvBook! Any suggestions and requests, please e-mail me!

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